Going to Rent A Car in Canada? Then You Should Know These Things

Thinking of visiting Canada in the holidays. Well, it is a great country to visit. Renting a car for a road trip is a good idea to convert your holidays into an adventure. Renting a car is a great idea because it gives you the freedom to organize your routes and stop wherever you want to. There are lots of options to rent a car for all budgets. So, read the information carefully mentioned in this article. You will already know some tips if you have already rented a car in the past. The most important things you should know are as follows:

Going to Rent A Car in Canada

Car Rental Prices

Well, the first thing you should know before renting a car is the prices. Well, the prices vary from company to company. The best companies to find the best car rental deal in your budget are Dollar, Thrifty, Alamo, Discount, National, etc. There is some price aggregator that you can use to compare prices. These price comparison websites will compare all the prices of the companies that are available in the country. These sites are a great help as you do not need to waste your time comparing the prices manually. When you can get the best prices with a single click.  You can also use filters to find the results according to your preferences. There is also Car service available for airport or a wedding in Canada. These services usually charge higher than renting a car.

Gas Prices

After all your trip will go on gasoline so you should know about the gas prices in Canada. Well, the prices here are greater than in the USA but lower than in Europe. Moreover, the prices can vary from province to province. In Alberta, the prices are considerably lower than any other province. The current rate of 1l gasoline is 1.32 CAD but you can check the latest prices online. Another important thing is you need to return the car with full tank otherwise you will have to reimburse for the gasoline.

Watch Out for Any Additional Fees

The very important thing that you should watch out for are the additional charges. In Canada for renting a car as a tourist, you should be 21 years old and need to have more than 12 months of driving experience. If you are not then you will be charged an additional fee for renting a car. Moreover, you need to make sure that your driving license is not expiring. There are the following fees you want to watch out for:

  • If there is more than one driver then you may need to pay an additional fee. You should keep this in mind as many companies charge for an extra driver.
  • Some of the companies allow one-way car drop off services without any additional charges. However, it may not be available for any car so you should double-check before renting a car.
  • Any hidden fee such as government taxes (GST).
  • You should also need to double-check whether the company charge per km or is their unlimited mileage.
  • At the last, premium location fee.

Renting a car at the airport is always expensive because the company needs to pay for the airport charges.

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