Giving Back To Bali

The reasons many people visit Bali Island Indonesia is to relax and enjoy the immense beauty of the island. A visit to Bali also allows tourists to mingle with the locals and learn the Balinese culture and their rich cuisine. All this they receive in plenty because Bali is one of the most amazing islands in the world and a top tourist destination with beautiful beaches, extraordinary places to see, water sports, massage therapies and excellent beach resorts among many others.

Besides all the luxury offered by some of Bali Indonesia hotels 5 star rated accommodation, there are people in Bali that are homeless. Though this is common with every city, some people assume that Bali is all about beauty and luxury mainly because they do not read or hear much about much this side of the island.

Bali Island has many communities, some of which live in very remote areas, deaf people and other needy people living all over the island that need a helping hand, as they are underprivileged and disadvantaged.

5 Charity Foundations In Bali

For your next visit to the island, or if you are visiting the place for the first time, make a difference by visiting some of the charity foundations. Besides the act contributing to responsible tourism, it is also fulfilling as nothing feels as good as helping a needy person.

Giving back to Bali

Some of the most popular charities in Bali focus on the education for the children, the handicapped, poverty eradication, animal welfare and the rehabilitation of street people among many others. Below are some of the most popular charity foundations that will benefit from your output.

1.     Bali Kids Foundation

Established in 2005, the centre caters for all kids in Bali’s orphanages looking for medical care. Besides the orphanage kids, the centre also takes care of the local children in the village especially those that come from disadvantaged families. Hundreds of children get treatment from the centre every month. Other activities undertaken by the centre is educating the orphanages staff and management on issues such as hygiene, child abuse and good health.

2.     John Fawcet Foundation (Bali Eye)

Bali Island has a number of people and children that have eye problems. Through the help from the John Fawcett Foundation, many of these adults and children are able to get free corrective surgeries and prosthetic eyes that allow them to go on with their lives without too much help from other people.

While you are visiting Bali, you can help the foundation by purchasing a photograph book showing you the state of the needy people in Bali. You can also choose to donate money directly into the foundation.

3.     Smile Foundation (Yayasan Senyum Bali)

Founded in 2005, this foundation caters for craniofacial disability people. such disabilities include cleft palates, facial tumours, people going through traumas and people with other rare syndromes that prevent them from fitting well in the society.

Giving back to Bali

4.     Bali Deaf Village

Bengkala is a village in North Bali that has a large number of deaf people. Though deafness is not unusual in the village, majority of these people are needy and it would not hurt to give a helping hand. The deaf and hearing people in the village live harmoniously together and they treat their visitors to dance and entertainment.

5.     Bali Animal Welfare Association

If you love animals, then you will have no problems in choosing the Bali animal welfare association. The non-profit organisation helps to improve the welfare of suffering Bali animals. This it does by giving the animal’s medical care, spraying them and making sure there is no overpopulation of the animals. The foundation also educates animal owners and other people on how to take care of their animals.

Wrapping It Up

Luxury is not only about visiting beautiful and luxurious places but it also includes being humane. You can give back to Bali Island for all the amazing things by donating to any of the many charity foundations on the island. The above are just some of them but if you want to find out more, you can check put with your hotel for information.


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