Give Your Skin Care Routine a Healthy Boost: How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD oil

The market for CBD skin care is booming. Some analysts predict it will be worth $7 billion by 2023.

Why are people so interested in CBD and hemp-derived products for their skin? It seems there’s more than a fad here. Recent research says CBD could have some major benefits for your skin and your health.

 Give Your Skin Care Routine a Healthy Boost How Does CBD Oil Work

Just how does CBD oil work when it comes to improving your skin? So far, science has discovered a few different ways CBD supports healthier skin.

The Science of CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound known as a cannabinoid. These substances are found in the cannabis plant. Most CBD is derived from hemp plants, a type of cannabis.

Medical researchers are studying what CBD and cannabinoids can do for human health. The research suggests CBD could help manage:

  • Pain, including nerve pain
  • Inflammation
  • Appetite
  • Sleep cycles
  • Energy and focus
  • Mood

Much of the current research has focused on medical uses for CBD. It’s used in cancer treatments to help control nausea and vomiting. It also has promise as a pain-reliever and as a potential treatment for mental health conditions.

Some people believe CBD’s uses in human health go beyond treating and managing symptoms. The medical research suggests CBD could support health and even prevent some conditions.

How CBD Works

CBD is a neurotransmitter, which means it connects to receptors in the nervous system. It then sends signals to the brain. These signals tell the brain what to do.

An example is pain and inflammation. CBD encourages nerves to send fewer pain signals to the brain. This then reduces the experience of pain and reduces inflammation in the body.

CBD connects to several different receptors in the body. This may be why it produces such a wide range of effects. In the case of inflammation, it also inhibits the production of cytokines.

Forms of CBD

CBD comes in a wide variety of formats. Some strains of cannabis contain high concentrations of CBD.

Oils and tinctures are even more concentrated. They’re extracted from the plants, which makes them more potent. You can usually find them in liquid or capsule form.

Edibles and topical creams are also available.

CBD oil for skin care is usually the best choice. The oil can be applied to the skin. Since it’s concentrated, the effects are more noticeable than creams with lower levels of CBD.

According these “reviews of cbdMD” CBD comes in many different forms.

How Does CBD Oil Work for Skin?

What effects does CBD oil have for skin anyway? We’ve talked about some of the medical applications, but none of those affected the skin.

CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation is one part of its benefits in skin care. Skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis present with pain and inflammation.

CBD applied directly to the affected areas can help relieve inflammation. It also appears to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands. These glands produce sebum, an oily substance on the skin.

Acne is often a reaction to overproduction of sebum. For acne-prone skin, CBD could lead to fewer blemishes and breakouts.

Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disease. CBD acts on the immune system, which can help balance the body’s reaction. In this way, CBD skin care could reduce the symptoms of this condition.

Eczema is also associated with immune response. Again, CBD acts on the immune system, which can ease symptoms.

CBD as an Anti-Aging Ingredient

Fighting inflammation doesn’t seem to be the only benefit of CBD for skin. Some research suggests CBD also has anti-aging properties.

How does CBD counteract wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging? It seems to have antioxidant properties, which can counteract the damage. Skin appears brighter, more even, and younger when CBD oil is applied.

CBD’s properties can also reduce puffiness, swelling, and pain and soreness.

How to Use CBD Oil for Skin

As we noted, CBD comes in a variety of forms. You can use topical creams infused with CBD for your skincare routine. Many products on the market today are creams and lotions.

These products may be right if you want a lower concentration of CBD. They may also incorporate other ingredients designed to promote healthier skin.

If you want the full benefits of CBD, though, using CBD oil is probably the best choice. It’s much more concentrated than what you’ll find in most creams and lotions.

There are two ways to take CBD oil for skin care. The first is to use it topically. You can rub CBD oil directly onto the skin.

This allows you to target the skin. If you’re in the middle of a break-out or trying to treat an eczema flare-up, this can help.

It also allows you to target wrinkles and other signs of aging at the surface level.

You can also take CBD orally. This doesn’t target blemishes or wrinkles. Instead, it puts CBD into your bloodstream and allows it to act on the body.

Which is Better?

CBD will be absorbed into the skin, but it won’t make it to the bloodstream. If you’re hoping for full-body effects, then taking CBD orally is your best bet.

If you want immediate results, applying oil to the affected area will give you relief. This is the better option for treating pain, itching, or burning sensations. It can also treat localized concerns, such as a zit or a rash.

If you want to get the most out of your skin care routine, you should blend both methods. Oral CBD oil can support holistic health. Topical application will help you target local concerns.

You can learn more about your options for skincare and the types of products that are right for you.

Get That Youthful Glow

Now you’ve discovered the answer to the question, “how does CBD oil work?” If you’re interested in seeing what it can do for your skin, test a CBD product to give your skin care routine a boost.

You can also give your skincare routine a boost by checking out our blog. We have plenty of insightful articles and advice for getting that youthful glow and zapping zits.



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