Getting Rid of Eczema Scars

Also known as dermatitis, eczema is a skin infection that leads to dry, itchy, scaly skin. If the case gets severe, the skin might get a leathery, scarred, or dry look. This skin condition is quite uncomfortable. Though this infection does not have a cure, some tips can be used to alleviate symptoms and soften up scar tissues. In this guide, we have shared some of the best organic skincare techniques to get rid of the scars. Most of the solutions are cruelty-free and non GMOs.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used as an inflammatory that reduces skin irritation and enhances scar appearance. It is one of the best solutions available today. Some studies suggest that Aloe Vera helps to increase levels of collagen as well as regulate the composition of collagen in wounds.

To treat the symptoms of eczema, extract fresh Aloe Vera from the leaves, and use it on affected parts of your skin. After the application, leave the gel or oil on your skin overnight, but remember to rinse it off first thing in the morning. This skin care tip works regardless of the severity of your skin condition.

  1. Moisturise Your Skin

Dry skin tends to get irritated way too easily, which is why you need to keep yourself hydrated. Keeping your skin hydrated is an organic skincare technique that keeps your skin condition from flaring. Low humidity, wind, harsh soaps, cold temperatures, and too much washing without using moisturizers might leave your skin very dry.

You can always try to find the best tips on how to keep your skin hydrated using effective products. Most individuals struggling with dermatitis usually have abnormally dry skin, which is why they might need to use highly enhanced skin moisturizers to reduce the symptoms of the condition.

If your skin is hydrated, it tends to keep off allergens and irritants. If you are not sure which product to use, you may contact Sond skincare, they have information on how to get rid of eczema scars. Enhance your beauty by bathing every day and keeping your pores open before applying your moisturizer.

  1. Lavender

Lavender contains some antibacterial and antiseptic components. Many people also use it as an essential oil for its soothing effects and to reduce stress. In skincare, lavender has manifested impressive abilities to heal wounds fast. It can also be used as a natural moisturiser as it keeps your skin hydrated for several hours after application.

Lavender is an ideal solution for dermatitis because it also reduces the wound area. This means that your skin will not look that bad after using lavender. Therefore, you are most likely to get your beauty back. Try to apply and massage lavender oil on the affected areas on your skin. You are advised to dilute it with a carrier oil first since the pure one is way too strong. You can also drink it as a tea if you want.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has compelling antibacterial, astringent, and antifungal properties that might make it your saving grace when it comes to dealing with dermatitis on your skin. Those who have used it for various skin solutions report that it works without interfering with your health. Apple cider vinegar is easy to apply as it can be used as a topical treatment for dermatitis.

If you are for topical treatment, you want to mix one-part raw apple cider vinegar with one-part water, and then apply to affected areas. It is a great way to enhance your health by fighting the symptoms of dermatitis. Make this a routine, and it will significantly fight the itchiness and dryness of your skin. Sond skin care can guide you on how to use apple cider vinegar to drive away the symptoms of dermatitis.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be a great option for those looking to brighten and lighten their skin. It can also be used as a natural moisturiser to deal with darkened or redness caused by dermatitis. It contains high levels of vitamin C that triggers your body to secrete healthy new cells. It is acidic, hence works perfectly as a skin lightening agent that can restore your fashion fast.

Gently apply fresh lemon juice on affected areas at least twice a day and let it stay for between 15 and 10 minutes. If you want, you can exfoliate your skin with a mixture of one-part sugar and one-part lemon juice. Use this method every day for at least two weeks before going to bed.

  1. Chamomile

This is another tip that would work well, especially if you are a vegan. Chamomile is a plant with amazing antioxidant properties. Therefore, it can be used to fight many other scarring skin conditions. It enhances your skin condition by making skin tighter and improving its overall complexion.

Vegan patients who have used chamomile plant before report that it works effectively when used for a long duration. Chamomile cream can be found over the counter, or you could use other means to extract it on your own. Apply the cream on scars for some time and observe the changes in your body.

  1. Manuka Honey

Manuka is all honey, but it can be used to stimulate wound healing. It makes your flare ups less likely to lead to scarring. Manuka honey is available in all parts of the globe and can even be used by a vegetarian who is keen on their diet. It is also an effective solution for treating any pre-existing scarring that you might have.

For effective home application, mix manuka honey with manuka oils and massage directly onto affected areas. Do this for two to three minutes every day in the morning and at night before going to bed.

  1. Hemp Seed Oil

Hemps oil is another cruelty free solution that contains a number of inflammatory properties. It comes with important fatty acids that can be used to develop healthy skins and reduce markings and scars. This product can also be used to treat irritation and itchy skin.

For a long time, hemp seed oil has been used as a non GMOs. treatment for various skin conditions such as dermatitis. Even if you are not a vegetarian, this product can bring your beauty and fashion back as it works to eradicate any imperfections on your skin as a result of medical complications.

Hemp seed can strengthen your skin to protect it from various infections and enhance elasticity. If you are dealing with dermatitis, apply hemp seed oil that is diluted with carrier oil. Rub and massage it directly to the affected areas so that you get deeper penetration.


If you intend to use any of the tips above, you need to try the steps one after another. However, for the best results, you need to give them a systematic approach, and Sond skin care can be of help. Note that most Sond solutions are plant-based, which means even a vegan can use them successfully. Once you have started to use one remedy, at least give it two weeks to observe whether it is working before moving on to the next. These home remedies will not cause any side effects but will boost your overall appearance by making the symptoms of dermatitis go away. If you use a certain method and suspect sudden changes in the body, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

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