10 Best Super Foods To Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

Carrots Buckwheat To Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wanna look young, but do not want to indulge in cosmetic treatments. You need not. There is plenty in the foods we eat sometimes called superfoods which can make your skin defy the signs of aging and help you stay young and beautiful for long naturally. These foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other useful nutrients needed to provide the skin everything it needs. Eating them in the right amount can make a stark difference to the health of your skin, visible in a short span of time.

Superfoods that will help to remove wrinkles naturally:


Avocado for Wrinkles

Who isn’t aware of the alligator pear (avocado as we all know) and its myriad skin benefits. The green fruit is a storehouse of Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin, fights free radicals and saves from UV rays too. These vitamins nourish the body and are ably assisted by some essential fatty acids. The good fats hydrate the skin and help absorb other nutrients well. Rich in fiber makes it an excellent beauty ingredient and can be used in the face masks.


It is nature’s one of the best source for omega-3 fatty acids. One must eat two servings of salmon in a day to beat the wrinkles for three days in a row. If you can follow this routine, then nothing like it. Omega 3 fatty acids protect skin from sun exposure, has anti-inflammatory properties, fights free radicals and inhibits androgen producing hormones that can lead to an oily skin. Add the power of berries – blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. You will see a remarkable difference in your skin tone. Need we say more about this super food. Eat it and drive away all your wrinkles.

Salmon To Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wheat germ

It has two of the best skin soothing nutrients – selenium and zinc. These are anti wrinkle trace minerals. It has vitamin A, B, D and E. A fair amount of vitamin B6 presence in wheat germ ensures that zinc is absorbed from the intestines. A good dietary source of vitamin E, wheat germ is really good to maintain the hydration levels of the skin. Coenzyme Q10 and protein is also present in this. Add them to pancakes, muesli, breads, milk shakes or cereals for a nutritious, delicious addition or to yoghurt, smoothies and salads.

Wheat germ to remove wrinkles

Green tea

Drink this magical potion every day, and see the change your wrinkle size (length and depth) undergoes. This ability is believed to be due to the presence of catechins. Catechins, a type of polyphenols have antioxidant properties and some more health promoting properties too. It protects from sun damage, reduces inflammation. Wana gulp more catechins, pick leaves and not bags. Steep them in warm water for at least five minutes. Topical application of green tea can too slow down the signs of aging to a large extent. Apply your green tea formulation below the sunscreen. Alternatively, other options available for you include green tea drinks and capsules too.

Green tea for Wrinkles


Want to have all the three anti aging amino acids, namely – lycine, glycine and proline from a single resource. What do these do? They produce collagen and elastin and give skin its tone and texture. When these two skin proteins decrease, wrinkles and fine lines start showing up. Eggs are one of the front-runners when it comes to having dietary protein. But not just that, you get selenium, vitamin A and Vitamin E. Iron is also present in the amino acids. It too aids in forming collagen.

Eggs for Wrinkles

Soy Beans

Often called as facelift in a bottle, it is a protein rich anti aging superfood which also happens to contain similar amino acids as eggs – lycine, glycine and proline. Soy beans do also contain isoflavones – daidzein, genistein and aglycone. In a trial, 53% of women who used genistein extract experienced firmness in their skin. Genistein has also been found to be extremely useful for women going through their menopausal stage. Isoflavone minimizes the chances of hot flashes in older women. In a trial, it was found to reduce by 23%. Genistein works just like oestrogen, but minus the side effects. t acts just like Hormone Replacement Therapy. It stops depletion of collagen and also triggers formation of new. It curbs cancerous cells too.

Soy Beans Foods for Wrinkles


In a study, it took the top spot among 40 other fruits and vegetables owing to its antioxidant ability. The superfood called blueberries has a very high concentration of anthocyanins. How does it help? Blueberries neutralize enzymes that can pose a threat to the connective tissue and also fight free radicals. Anthocyanins amplify the effects of vitamin C present in blueberries. Wild blueberries are a good source of vitamin E. Blueberries help maintain the struture of the skin for a long time by promoting cell regeneration.

Blueberries for Wrinkles


Rutin, a bioflavonoid in buckwheat aids the body use vitamin C. It helps preserve collagen level in the skin thus helping maintain its elasticity for long and prevent premature aging. Not just that, buckwheat contains all eight essential amino acids, which are needed for repairing the skin. You can add the groats to your breakfast – in porridge. Use buckwheat flour for making baked goods.

Buckwheat To Get Rid of Wrinkles


An anti wrinkle vegetable that it is –  carrots make the best dietary source of beta carotene apart from Vitamin A and C. Both of these are in Lifecell anti aging cream making it one of the most effective age defying formula. Carrots help protect skin from free radical damage from sun exposure with vitamin C and other nutrients in it. Beware, pick only organically prepared carrots than conventionally grown (contain loads of chemicals and pesticides).

Carrots Buckwheat To Get Rid of Wrinkles

Hemp Seeds

They can make skin firm and make it glow with radiance. Being the only edible source of gamma linoleic acid, an anti inflammatory omega-6 acid. This fat is a part of the membrane that surrounds the skin cells. Each tablespoon of hemp seeds contain 15 gms of protein, making it an amazing source of plant based protein source. It helps in synthesizing elastin and collagen and hence makes the skin supple and smooth. Always eat them raw, heat destroys nutrient value of the carrots.

Hemp Seeds To Get Rid of Wrinkles

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these superfoods. Would You? Eat them and stay young for longer.


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