Get lucky with Blackjack online

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra excitement to your life, then why not try and play Blackjack online. And, if your main goal is to walk away with a serious profit, then just striving for a bit of plain old luck is not going to cut it! This is why you need to come along and get involved with Lucky Lucky Blackjack.

With yet more thanks to Playtech HQ, Lucky Lucky Blackjack adheres to the usual Blackjack rules and regulations with added unbelievable bonus action, that gives the game its name. The stakes start at a reasonable £1, reaching up to a daring £5,000, with standard bets paying up to 1.5X your original wager. When you play this generous edition of the much-loved classic, you will find that one round of good fortune and luck can result in a win worth up to 200X your stake!

To start off with, starting to play this new contribution to online Blackjack is much like beginning any kind of Blackjack adventure. As each round begins, you will need to place a bet somewhere between £1 and £5,000. Once that bet has been placed, you will receive your two face up cards, the dealer having one that is face up and the other that is hidden. Now, standard rules apply and you will begin lining up for your shot at even money payouts on standard wins if you manage to get a better total than the dealer, or 1.5X your original bet if you are lucky enough to get Blackjack. At this point, you are probably thinking – “so, what’s so special about this game? – Well, let us introduce you to the wicked bonuses that follow the traditional gameplay.  

This game is all about getting “lucky lucky”, which is one of the many reasons why you will definitely want to go ahead and place that bonus bet. Based on the first three cards that are dealt – your own two-card hand and the dealer’s upturned card – this side wager is where you get a chance to really make some money! If any of the following are dealt then you will surely see below why Lucky Lucky Blackjack is one of our most popular card games. 

Cards Dealt Payout Deal
Any cards totalling at 19 2X original bonus bet
Any cards totalling at 20 2X original bonus bet
Any cards containing an unsuited total of 21 3X original bonus bet
Any cards containing a suited total of 21 15X original bonus bet
Any cards containing an unsuited 6, 7, 8 25X original bonus bet
Any cards containing an unsuited 7, 7, 7 50X original bonus bet 
Any cards containing a suited 6, 7, 8 100X original bonus bet
Any cards containing a suited 7, 7, 7 200X original bonus bet

Essentially what this game offers, for an additional pound or two, is the chance to put your hat in the ring and win prizes worth £200, or much more, as a bonus to your original gameplay. Not bad, huh?

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