Funny Chat Up Lines You Can Get From Your Roommate

My roommate is so funny, you got to see these funny chat up lines!


Funny Chat Up Lines-#7

You see? So funny. I didn’t know dishes could be that funny. I am never going to do the dishes so hopefully he can get really good comedy material.


Funny Chat Up Lines-#6

LOL! He even lets me join in on his “bits,” despite the fact that he is such funnier than I am. I think we could be an excellent comedy team.


Funny Chat Up Lines-#4

Lol his tricks rules, however he couldn’t get me here! He’s focused on his satire however; he truly acted frantic for like three entire days! This guy is similar to Andy Kaufman-however more amusing!


Funny Chat Up Lines-#3

It was justified, despite all the trouble! Later I showed my boss this chat up linest and he snickered like insane as well and we both concurred my roommate is going to be a successful comedian.


Funny Chat Up Lines-#2

Lol he can do any character-even Garfield! I am so inspired this buddy is Will Ferrell funny!


Funny Chat Up Lines-#5

Lol despite the fact that he took the material from Rodney Dangerfield he conveys his own particular twist to it, so I don’t believe he’s stealing. I still regard his talent and very well crafted comedy!


Funny Chat Up Lines-#1

Lol he truly is! I am living with the future King of Comedy funny chat up lines expert and I am loving it!!

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