Exploring free plugins to integrate Instagram with WordPress

integrate Instagram with WordPress

Do you want to show your photos and images from your Insta accounts on your website? You can check social media feed plugins for WordPress for this. They can help you source content from your Instagram profile to the site quickly. With a plugin, you can select a preferred account and import different items and integrate Instagram with WordPress. The photo feeds from your social media account will exhibit across your website in chosen places. If you are ready to spend a bit, there are premium widgets also that provide the flexibility of high-performing filters through which you can decide how to showcase Instagram feed on the site. 

Social media feed plugins

Smash Balloon

It is one of the popular social media feed plugins for WordPress. The free plugin has recorded more than one million active installs already with a satisfactory user rating. As soon as it becomes live on your site, the Instagram photos from your accounts can start appearing. You can use this widget to create various feeds on your platform targeting different accounts for a diverse experience. It also allows you to control how photos display on the site by managing their dimensions and quantity. Plus, it also comes with a ‘load more’ function that the website visitors can use to view more content from the featured feeds.  

You can use this plugin for any device hassle-free for its mobile-friendly nature. Since the tool updates regularly, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with Instagram.

Feed Them Social: Integrate Instagram

You can use this for Instagram and other social media platforms also, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you want to source content from multiple social media channels on your site, it can be the right choice to consider. Getting such extensive service from a free version is fantastic. And if you use its premium edition, you can run video feeds and carousels from Facebook and YouTube accounts. There can be other exciting features, also. With this plugin, you can integrate photo feeds into posts, pages, and the website’s sidebar. It is also mobile-friendly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about issues of device compatibility. If you want freedom with customization, you probably don’t need to look beyond it.

Enjoy Social Feed Plugin

With this plugin, you can decide how your Instagram content should appear on the WordPress site. You can choose between grid and carousel options. Also, you can get photos from your social media profiles and hashtags too. No matter what option you try with this, you can expect to enjoy desirable results. Since it is also mobile responsive, you don’t have to take any tension with its compatibility with devices. Besides, you can embed it in one click for a faster experience.


This social media feed widget lets you display Instagram content on your WordPress site the way you desire. When you embed this free tool on the site, you will be able to use many features across the website’s posts, pages, sidebars, and footers. You can select one to three columns to showcase the Insta images on your site. Or, you can apply the full-width mode to demonstrate Instagram feed horizontally. In essence, you can rely on this tool to show photo feeds from your Instagram accounts in the header or footer area of the website in full width.  

At the same time, it empowers you to determine the size of the images to Integrate Instagram, and how many of them should appear at a time. You can space them well by mentioning pixels. Plus, you can also choose whether you want a widget button to appear on the site. The default option is ‘View on Instagram.’ You can easily edit this button text. Overall, it is also easy to install and responsive.


It is one of the new plugin entries in the market. You can use it for free. The main aim of this tool is to make your Instagram and WordPress integration efforts seamless. It takes three steps to embed this widget. But once it installs, you can connect your Instagram accounts with it to create your feed and integrate it at the chosen location on the site. You can use the live preview customizer to get an idea of your feed’s appearance and modify it to suit your taste. In the end, you can have an excellent grid layout on your site. 

The responsive design of the widget makes it suitable for mobile devices also. Plus, if you move a cursor on the images, it creates a hover-effect to help you realize the pictures are clickable. The photos open in a lightbox window for a clear view after a click. At the same time, you can also browse through the gallery to see the photo collection. 

You have plenty of options with free widgets to Integrate Instagram with WordPress. You can study them to find out the most lucrative choice for your site. However, as far as increasing your popularity on Instagram goes, you can check insta4likes for a quick idea. From enhancing follower count to engagement, you can find practical solutions.

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