Five Places to Visit in California

Five Places to Visit in California

The sights and sounds of California will be familiar to just about everyone, whether they have visited the Golden State before or not. They are the backdrop to countless films and the soundtrack to all our lives. But there is nothing like making the trip and visiting the most populous state in the US.

Online betting California laws may not have changed recently but there are plenty of sports to watch and experience here. The cities may take all the plaudits in California but the great outdoors is spectacular as well. There is so much to see and do that it is quite difficult to narrow it down to just five places to visit. So, here are our choices – but you should know that you will definitely need to make a return visit soon after.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is such an incredible city that it is hard to pick out just one place to visit. But if we are talking about iconic structures, then this one will take some beating. It is possibly the most famous bridge in the world and is instantly recognizable the world over.

We would say that you absolutely have to witness the Golden Gate Bridge when it is foggy. But, as spectacular as that image is, this place looks amazing in any kind of weather. You can drive from the city over to Marin County – but we recommend either cycling or just walking to make the most of this stunning work of art.

Griffith Observatory

As with San Francisco, there are so many places of interest in Los Angeles that it seems a little strange to pick out just one. The streets of downtown have to be experienced, as well as getting that special view of the famous Hollywood sign. But to get all of that in one place, we think a trip up to the Griffith Observatory is well worth your time.

As with many LA landmarks, the observatory has featured in countless movies. But it is its own unique view of Los Angeles that gets our vote. Located on Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, it looks over the Los Angeles Basin, from the streets of downtown all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Redwood National and State Parks

If you think California is all big cities you are sorely mistaken. This state is home to some of the most dramatic natural landscapes – sometimes only a short drive from the more urban areas. This is still a state that likes to show off though – and the massive Redwood trees are a perfect example.

The roots of these huge trees don’t actually spread too far down into the ground. But the Redwoods themselves are awe-inspiring. For the best forest views, you should head north from Big Sur. A walk through the woodlands will really get you in tune with nature

Lake Tahoe

Adventurers will want to make the trip to Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake in the entire country, straddling the border of California and Nevada. It is one of the major tourist attraction areas in both states and can be enjoyed throughout the year, with winter sports especially popular.

In the summer there are plenty of hiking trails to follow, as well as mountain bike trails. For the more sedate, the fishing options are superb as well. The surrounding towns are interesting day trips, but it is the serene beauty of the lake itself that brings millions of people to its shores each year.

Big Sur

If you are looking for a dramatic backdrop to your California trip then the honest truth is that you really do have your pick. But there is one place that really stands out for us. Big Sur is a stretch of rugged coastline in the central area of California, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Santa Lucia Mountains.

This juxtaposition of natural wonder produces otherworldly waterfalls and rainbow mists as the ocean crashes into the rocks. There are towns dotted along the road but the main attraction is the view itself – and the feeling that you will never want to leave California again.



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