Finding the Right Renewable Energy Recruitment Agency

Renewable Energy Recruitment Agency

Building relationships with recruiters can expose you to career opportunities that you may not otherwise be aware of. Most employers don’t offer positions to hire recruiters, who are typically the oldest and highest, paid in a company. And research managers generally advertise their services to employers, not job seekers. This blog will help in Finding the Right renewable energy recruitment agency.

Identifying and connecting with a renewable energy recruitment agency can be very helpful. However, applicants should remember that recruiters are paid by the employer and that the interests of that employer come first. These niche recruiters are not always easy to find, so job seekers may need to use some creative tactics.

Here are a few ways to find recruiters who specialize in your area of   expertise

Start by reaching your own network. Many executives work with recruiters at some point in their career as a candidate or client. Ask the more experienced professionals in your network to refer you to recruiters they know.

Other sources are people you know in your industry or organization and who are of interest to you. Find out which recruitment companies their employers use. Don’t be discouraged if the list you are putting together is short. In some niche markets, there are recruiters who work with pretty much all of the big players, so you will usually hear the same name a few times.

A great way to stay on a recruiter’s radar screen is to suggest names of prospects that you know for jobs that the recruiter is looking to fill but that you don’t qualify for. Make sure you provide high quality recommendations as inappropriate recommendations can be a poor reflection of you.

You can also search for recruiter profiles online. Many recruiters have profiles on networking sites like,, and To find them, do a keyword search or request recommendations from other members.

For example, has around 90,000 recruiter profiles, and most of them list a specialty. The website is free to join and search through, but a paid subscription is required for other features. To find recruiter profiles, click the Advanced Search tool at the top of the member home page. Under the Industry category, select General Services, then Human Resources and Recruitment. Enter a keyword, e.g. For example, find the recruiting specialty that you are looking for, and then click Search.

Message boards can contain messages related to specialists in your search area. Check out career networking sites. In addition, job seekers can obtain recommendations from recruiters in forums organized by their trade association or society.

Don’t forget to read the business press. Recruiters are often quoted in the news media. When you read an article that interests you, type the recruiter’s name into a search engine to find their contact information.

Messages announcing senior changes can be another source of leads for recruiters. You often mention the search company that a company hired to find a replacement.

Check trade or industry groups for references. Many recruiters belong to an association in their field. These groups can contain a list of members on their websites. When you join you will likely have networking opportunities with member recruitment.

Call the best employers in your industry. Dial the main number and let yourself be forwarded to the HR department. Next, ask the Human Resources representative who will answer which research firm the company uses. But this tactic is likely a shot in the dark as the employee may only reveal the information if the company was working with a recruiting company on a search at that point.


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