Fashion Tips For Really Cold Weather And To Look Cool

Absolutely freezing weather may push us back into our warm and cozy homes, but subzero temperatures shouldn’t be the reason to compromise on dressing and stay indoors. Even if cold weather limits our fashion choices, there is an abundance of interesting (and warm) ways to dress and look chic and glam. However, when freezing days simply impede you to dress fashionably, you need to think outside the box and wear adequate clothes in Really Cold Weather that would keep you protected from devastating weather conditions. Here are some cool (but not cold) fashion tips on how to dress when it becomes unbearable to stay or breathe outside.

Always go with smart layers in Really Cold Weather

The first and most pivotal rule is to layer up. In subzero temperatures, you can easily go from cold to freezing. Therefore, the essential advice for staying warm is to start with a base layer. Wear long underwear like thick tights or leggings, as well as a long-sleeved undershirt. Next, opt for suede thermo pants or trousers, and a warm woolen sweater or jumper. Put on a pair of extra socks to protect your feet from frostbite. In the end, for the outer layer, make sure that you wear a thick, protective waterproof jacket.

Speaking of jackets, you can personalize your look simply by changing your outerwear. There are numerous choices such as peacoats, parkas, down jackets, wool coats and sweaters, trench coats, and leather coats. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right outerwear:

  • Find a coat or jacket that suits your body shape and complexion. If you want to look good despite the dreary weather, make it a point to choose outerwear that makes you look attractive and feel confident.
  • Choose the material based on the weather condition. It can also be very windy during winter, and you can also get wet if you’re not careful. This is why investing in water-resistant windbreakers is a good idea. Remember that the best way to dress when it’s icy or wet outside is to figure out which clothes will keep you safe and comfortable. Thus, when exposed to freezing temperatures, the first thing you need to think about is your protection.
  • Take your activities into consideration. Outerwear comes in various shapes and lengths. Wearing a trench coat is fine if the longer length won’t prevent you from moving around and doing what you need to. Remember, stylish outerwear shouldn’t hinder your movement. Also, remember that you should complement the right outerwear with the proper undergarments. If you think that undergarments don’t matter underneath all those layers of clothing, check out this bamboo underwear blog for more information.

Fashion tips: Choose adequate accessories

A second most important tip is to always have your ears, hands, and feet covered (obviously). When it comes to feet, wear insulated, waterproof winter boots for the ultimate comfort and warmth. Cover your ear by wearing a suitable, warm hat. If you are not a big fan of bulky wintry hats, and you strive to look more glamorous during winter days there is a solution to that as well. To protect your new, elegant earring that you’ve found online on  and stay fancy and warm at the same time, get posh ear muffs. Last but not least, don’t forget about your hands and neck. Wear cozy mittens or gloves for a full wintry accessories dress up. And when it comes to a scarf, get a hand-knit flannel one.

Stay sleek when it comes to boots

It can be hard to keep up with fashion trends when the temperatures are unbearably low, but not impossible. If you have selected a warm, long pea coat, a piece of stylish advice is to pair that up with sleek and insulated boots. Get winter boots which enable traction on ice and snow, and pay attention that they offer good insulation and protection. For extra warmth, you can always wear thick, non-cotton socks. Once you find all those amenities, ensure that you like the color and model of your wintry boots. You’ll be the one wearing them throughout the winter months.

Benefit from proper winter materials

One of the most important fashion tips is to ensure that your skin breathes uninterruptedly during plenty of heavy, thick, sturdy layers, you must choose reasonable materials. For fundamental breathability and warmth avoid cotton because it soaks up the sweat which can lead to hypothermia. Consequently, go for wool or manufactured wool like cashmere, felt or corduroy. For headbands, scarves, and other accessory materials choose thick-knit woolen products or get some trendy faux fur beanie hats, gloves or scarf to keep the cold out.

Fashion tips: Be bold in Really Cold Weather

Just because it’s chilly outside, doesn’t mean that you have to wear timid and pale winter colors. Spark out the heat by being bold and splashing some vivacious colors on your winter outfit. Play around with textures, patterns, silhouettes and of course colors. Choose a long navy blue faux fur coat and mix it out with a yellow beanie hat or massive patterned scarf. Emerald green and velvet are another great wintry combination. Go all-in with your winter jacket and let your imagination get wild and hot during freezing days.

Just because you now have to bundle up, gear up, and put on your outerwear doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. You can look sensational and still stay warm and comfy without ever compromising on the style. By incorporating these fashion tips you will surely look extravagant and protected from snowy weather.


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