Famous Geeks Who Cracked Gambling Codes

Famous Geeks Who Cracked Gambling Codes

Numbers from the national council on problem gambling show that 15% of Americans gamble at least once a week. Contrary to beliefs, gambling is not just a game of luck, strategies, and skills also play a role in whether a player wins or loses a bet. If you are looking for a big payday, you have to make sure that you follow specific strategies to achieve long term winnings. There is so much that goes into placing a bet; knowing which strategies are good for gambling is vital. Below are people who used their skills in gambling.

Mohan Srivastava

Srivastava discovered that the game tic-tac-toe had clear patterns in its numbers and that he could use these patterns to predict the winning numbers in the game. He also uncovered that these patterns could be used in other games. Srivastava reported his findings to the lottery authorities, but his warning was ignored, and players can still apply his findings to scratch-off tickets.

The statistician claims that although games appear random, they are designed to generate the illusion of randomness, but they are carefully determined. Lottery games are designed to entice the consumer and control payouts. He discovered a method to predict lottery cards, and his way could result in a 90% accuracy rate. He had to find out numbers that were not recurrent, and whenever he found 3 of them, he was 90% sure he had found the winning numbers.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, a Spanish record producer, became fascinated with the game of roulette and was convinced that its wheels were not 100% random. This fascination led him to a quest in search of the truth in the early 1990s. Together with his five adult children, he hit casinos in Madrid to test his theory. He wanted to determine which roulette tables could be counted on to produce better odds compared to others.

He used a computerized system to keep track of the results and eventually he was able to turn the game from one with 5% house edge to one that gave him a 15% player edge- it translated to around £2 million. Once Spanish casinos got wind of him, they sought to ban him, but Spanish courts ruled in favor of Garcia-Pelayo. The casinos eventually fixed the tables that were giving him the winnings and his winning streak came to an end.

Bill Benter

Until Bill Benter came up with a system that guaranteed a profit, veteran gamblers believed that you could not beat the horses. After reading an academic paper on gambling on horse races, Benter found out that the success or failure of a horse during a race could be attributed to factors that can be quantified. He taught himself advanced statistics and learned to write software. Benter continues to bet on horses up to now. His model enables him to see odds change in seconds before a race begins.

Based on the above examples of people who exhibited brilliance, it is clear that carefully devised systems work and determination pays off.



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