35 Facts About Dogs

A dog can be a human’s best friend. They are loyal, super friendly and indeed very smart. If you have a dog and you think that you know everything about the one, then you should have a look at these facts about dogs.

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35 surprisingly interesting facts about dogs:

1. You might have seen your canine companion curling up while asleep. They do so, to protect their organs from external damage and to feel warm.

2. The next in the list of facts about dogs is unbelievable but you guys have to believe because it is a fact. There is a dog in Cormorant, Minnesota with a name Duke, who is also the Mayor of the city.

3. Just like as we are the social animals, dogs are also the pack animals, they enjoy the company of others instead of staying alone.

4. Surprising dog fact is dogs actually get jealous when their friend human shows heart for someone or something else in front of them.

5. one of lesser known facts about dogs is dogs are not exactly colour blind because with black and white they can even see yellow and blue.

6. We all know dogs have a really good sense of smelling but do we know how? Their wet nose helps them to suck up the scent and hence allowing them to become a good sniffer.

7. Talking about the sensation of smell, dogs have 10,000 times more powerful smelling sense than that of humans.

8. Another fact about our sniffing-buddy breed Bloodhounds is that they can smell the traces from more 12 days old stuff.

9. Another interesting fact about dogs is the feeling of Separation anxiety. This is what your pup feels when you are not with him. However, you just have to leave a piece of cloth with your essences and helps him to overcome the same.

10. High blood pressure! Pet the back of your dog gently and it will low down the blood pressure.

11. It is not hard to see dogs playing in a smelly mud pot. You will be amazed to know it is stinky for just humans for dogs it is ecclesiastical.

12. Dog barks and that is above normal. But, there is a breed of dog called Basenji, which are the only ones of its kind as they Yodel! I can imagine that!

13. A dog can even help you with a date and it is a true fact about dogs. If a guy has a dog there is a three times higher chance for him to get the contact details of the girls.

14. Newfoundland is the body species with webbed foot and this also makes them amazing swimmers.

15. When born dogs have the sense of smartness just like a two-year-old human baby. When gets older, that is at the age of one, dogs get the maturity like a fifteen-year-old human.

16. There is the breed of dog called Norwegian Lundehund which has six toes on every foot.

17. Dogs love to play with their friend humans and one of their favourite game is Hide and Seek.

18. Labradors! Yes, we love them and this has made this breed the most popular one in the US.

19. We usually see dogs spinning in a circle before setting down. They do it to make that place a home felling one for them.

20. Even though a messy drinker, dogs slurp the water just the way cats do.

21. Dalmatian is also one of the most desirable dogs but the surprising fact about these dogs are when they were born they were all white and over the passage of time they develop these black spots.facts about dogs

22. Unlike humans, dogs only have sweat glands in their paws. This actually makes their feets untidy and smelly.

23. Bill Irwin, is blind and he is the only man who hiked 2,100 miles on the Appalachian Trail. All with the help of his German shepherd dog, Orient.

24. Dogs every single ear has at least 18 muscles.

25. Every dog has a different nose print just like the fingerprint in humans.

26. Another fact about dogs is they can avow around 150 words.

27. Not just the nose, even the eyes of the bogs are better than human when it comes to the night vision.

28. Even the hearing efficiency of the bogs are superior to us, as they can hear any sounds from the distance four times more than humans.

29. Studies show that all alone The United States of America has 75 million pet dogs out of total 400 million dogs across the globe. That is highest in the world for any country!

30. More than 75 percent of the US families have pet dogs.

31. Vibrissae or Whiskers that is the long hairs present at the jaws and eyelashes of your pup works as a tough sensation for them.

32. As confirmed by Sir Paul McCartney, he had used a special sound in his song “A day in the Life” which is only audible to dogs.

33. The next fact about dogs is they can even smell the changes in your feelings as well as body boys essence and this helps them to even detect the lowering and rising level of insulin in the human body. So, if you are diabetic you should definitely get a puppy dog!

34. If trained dogs can spot many diseases, including cancer in humans.

35. Ron Tin Tin is the name of the first dog in Hollywood with a stardom.

All these facts make our pet friends even more awesome.

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