Complete Guide to Sell Through Facebook Marketplace Local Only

Facebook marketplace local only service allows you to list your products and sell them via Meta. The service is fantastic for those who want to make an immediate profit by selling goods locally.

Your favorite social media website is now fbmarketplace. Over time, multiple websites have been introduced that allow small sellers to list their products and shop online. Also, some sites allow you to sell secondhand goods but not even a single website for individuals to sell products directly without a fee.

People from the same city or area can easily explore your listings and make direct purchases from you. Either you deliver the product or ask them to collect the product. There are no pre-set rules, and it’s as simple as communicating on Facebook.

It’s impressive, cheap, and easy, but there is still much to be discussed about this new opportunity to sell products. This article contains all the steps required to master the Facebook marketplace. Please read through to have an in-depth detail of selling products locally on the Facebook marketplace.

What is Facebook marketplace local only

On October 3rd, 2016, Facebook launched its marketplace platform for residents of the United States. But soon, it became available worldwide.

It’s a new initiative by Facebook that allows individuals to purchase and sell products locally, which is why it became famous as a “Facebook market place local only.” The option is available on Android, iOS, and desktop browsers.

You will find a marketplace option in the menu. Tap that to access the marketplace, and you will find multiple products sold by various individuals. They mainly include electronics, secondhand bikes, clothes, and other products.

Now, select your location using the filter, and you will find listings from all individuals at your location—purchase from any of them locally.

The same system also allows you to sell products and make profits. Below in this article, we have mentioned the exact steps to sell products. However, it would be best to know how the Facebook marketplace works.

It connects buyers and sellers to exchange products. Either locally or domestically. Facebook holds the maximum number of users, which is why it’s much more worthy than any other new website. Amazon does the same, but it’s not for individual sellers.

Complete Guide to Sell Through Facebook Marketplace Local Only

Who can use Fbmarketplace

Initially, the option was only available for 18+ users based in the UK, the US, New Zealand, and Australia. It was a new feature, and Facebook couldn’t launch it without rigorous testing. That’s why for some time, it was limited to particular countries.

However, now the feature is available worldwide for everyone’s use. The only requirement is that you must be a registered user of Facebook.

There is no application or approval process. Open your Facebook account, visit the marketplace option and purchase the product. The selling process is slightly different, but I have mentioned the complete details below.

How to sell on the Facebook marketplace local only?

Purchasing is simple and self-explanatory, but please follow this process to sell products on the Facebook Marketplace. Make sure you have high-quality images of your product to upload during the process. Follow these steps.

  • You can list products using a mobile or desktop
  • Login into your account and open the menu
  • You will find a marketplace option; please select that
  • Now tap on the sell option to continue
  • You must select a title for your product, price, and category (like a vehicle, electronic, etc.)
  • After that, you will find the option to add photos of your product. Please make sure to add high-quality images, as they sell faster.
  • Finally, publish your listing on the Facebook marketplace.

Soon after publishing, people can find your listing with price, name, category, and photo. They can connect with you via Facebook to ask queries or make a transaction.

Also, people in your nearby area can find your listing on top search results and fulfill that idea of Facebook marketplace local only.

Best-selling products on a Facebook marketplace shop

Adding anything in the category won’t help. You might upload a few listings and wait for a customer to approach you, but you get nothing. The primary reason is that some product sells better than others.

If you are looking forward to Fbmarketplace as an option to diversify your business, then it’s the most helpful and relevant section.

We performed detailed research and browsed multiple pages to find the products that get the most queries and sales. Here are the exact guidelines of what you should sell and what you shouldn’t.

Complete Guide to Sell Through Facebook Marketplace Local Only

Products that sell faster

Refurbished or used electronics

Electronics like secondhand or new televisions, mobile, gaming consoles, and Nintendo Switch have thousands of Facebook listings. These products are always in demand, which is why they sell faster.


Heavy items like sofas, wardrobes, dining tables, beds, or other home furniture are also great to sell on Facebook. Suppose you are planning to shift your home and wondering what to do about the furniture. Try the Facebook marketplace local only. You might get rid of it pretty soon.


Stuff for kids are popular. They mainly include clothing, toys, dolls, and Jumpers. There is a considerable margin in these products. You can do it as a side hustle too. Purchase products from the wholesale market and resell them on the Facebook marketplace.

All items with steady demand throughout the year sell well on Facebook. It would be more apparent when you understand the product that doesn’t do well in the marketplace.

Products that don’t sell faster

Art pieces

Rare items, art pieces, and expensive branded products don’t do well on Facebook. People mostly look for cheap deals or used products. Even if you sell branded products, most people will think they are fake and not worth investing in.


Adult clothing doesn’t do well on Facebook. Maybe people need to consider it as a platform to purchase clothing. However, if you can provide super cheap and discounted deals, it may work for you, but it doesn’t.

Expensive electronics

High-end electronics like iPhones, MacBooks, and gaming laptops also don’t do well. The main reason is that people look for a guarantee before investing a considerable amount in these gadgets. Facebook still needs to provide a guarantee so people don’t trust it.

If you want to get rid of any of your used products, go ahead and list them as a secondhand product of Facebook. It will help you sell it off faster than other platforms.

But if you are willing to run a business through the Facebook marketplace, you must be highly selective about your choices. On Facebook, cheap products sell much faster than overpriced ones.

Tips to sell through Facebook marketplace local only

Business is a skill that can only be mastered after rigorous practice and failure. Uploading products won’t work, and please make sure that you follow these guidelines to close a quick and better deal on the Facebook marketplace.

Pricing is the key

Make sure you check the price of similar products on Facebook and other online websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. Then charge a competitive fee as no one would like to purchase the same product at a higher price from a new shop.


The images must be of high quality. People will only purchase your products when they look fantastic. Also, low-quality images make the products look cheap, even if they are not.

Quick response

Make sure to respond to your customers fast. Private messaging is the best place to close a deal. Only interested customers will text you, and your skills will make or break the deal. You might get a bulk order at once. So, please take it seriously.

Following these steps will allow you to grab the best deal for yourself. This further increases your visibility and ranking on Facebook and helps you to grow your business faster.

What about the fees for selling products on the Fbmarketplace

How does Facebook make money from the marketplace option? They are not earning anything from this option because buying and selling are free for all on Facebook. However, it’s not going to be free forever.

Facebook’s recent statement confirms that they will start charging 2% fees on every sale. Sellers have to bear this fee, which ultimately brings down their profits.

If you want to make good profits by selling on Facebook, the right time is now. Because later, you will be charged a fee that end customers have to bear. It will make your products pricier and will result in fewer sales.

Does Facebook offer to ship for local or out-of-city orders?

Currently, Facebook doesn’t provide a shipping service, and sellers must ship the products independently and bear the cost. But they are planning to roll out a shipping service very soon.

Facebook said their new system would enable shipping all small to medium products, including clothing, toys, books, etc. However, shipping huge products like furniture and heavy equipment will still be impossible.

The shipping service will come at a cost. Either seller can pay for it and make delivery free for customers or provide cheap products and charge additional money for shipping from customers. Anything would work.

But there has yet to be an official confirmation date for the service launch. Also, there has yet to be a confirmation about which cities will receive the benefit. We need to wait a long time before we get to avail benefits of this service.

Complete Guide to Sell Through Facebook Marketplace Local Only

Precautions to sell Fbmarketplace

Tragic incidents don’t happen often, but precautions are better than damage control. Also, Facebook doesn’t guarantee transactions, payments, or exchanges. So, it’s your responsibility to care for safety. If you find anything suspicious, just back away without a second thought. Make sure you take these precautions.

  • Always make the exchange in a public place where many people surround you.
  • If somehow you and the buyer agree to meet at your home, then make sure the exchange happens outside the doorstep.
  • In rare cases, if you have to allow them inside your home, ensure someone else remains at your home. Also, please limit the buyer’s movement to a particular room.
  • If you are shipping the product, try to get an advance payment. If they disagree, then at least tell them to pay after shipping. Help them with the tracking ID for verification.

Your safety is in your hands. Please make sure to follow all steps mentioned above for the safest transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Facebook marketplace local only safe to sell products?

It’s not the safest place to sell products because Facebook doesn’t guarantee safety. However, you can follow the precautions mentioned in this article to ensure safety.

2. Why are many products available for free on the Facebook marketplace?

There can be two reasons behind this. 1. The products are used until worn off and have no resale value. That’s why the seller wants them collected for free. 2. It can be a scam to dupe. You can be called at a particular location for unscrupulous reasons.

3. How much time does it take to sell products on the Facebook marketplace?

You can only upload your product with a description and wait for a customer to purchase. There is no set timeline. You might find a buyer within a few days, or it might take years. List more products for better visibility.

4. How are taxes calculated on products sold through Facebook?

Taxes differ from country to country. You need to abide laws of your government while selling on Facebook, and taxes will be calculated according to the taxation laws in your country.

5. Can I sell anything via Facebook?

No, you cannot sell anything you wish on Facebook. They provide a specific list of categories, and your product must fall under that to be sold on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

Selling on the Facebook marketplace is easy. All you need to do is list the product, add a competitive price and wait for a client. Add multiple products for better visibility and opportunity to make money.

Individuals not associated with any business can also sell products using the same method. Also, the Facebook marketplace is an excellent option if you are looking for cheap products. You might find a better deal than Amazon.

We hope you understand the basics of buying and selling on the Facebook marketplace local only. If you don’t find your question listed below, please leave it in the comments.

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