Expectations That Every Man Has From His Bride

We all have heard a lot about what a future bride has in mind about her groom and all the expectation that she has when she is on the road to marriage. However, have we ever tired understanding what a groom-to-be has in his head? For us, he has already made his decision and isn’t anything about a lot of expectations about his wedding and who he’s getting married to.

That’s not true at all!!

Most men think a lot about how they’re working in order to keep their wives happier and live a happy life with them.

But that’s a story after the marriage. Nobody talks about what expectations do men have for their future bride and that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about. Some of my personal experience with all that I have learned seeing relationships, this write up will give a heads up to all the couples who are going to exchange promises with each other.


Relationships are all about understanding and men crave to be understood at the most basic of levels by his bride-to-be. With them wanting their future wives to be the supportive one, being understood is what all men want. If the understanding doesn’t click between the two, life would be a bumpy road for sure. From the needs of getting well together to the habits, hobbies, ways of living and everything else are things that every man expects his wife to understand about him and accept.

Less of the drama

All women are dramatic. There is no second thought about this statement because they are emotional beings and when they don’t like something, drama happens. Asking for no-drama companion would be more of an illogical expectation, but when you say that you need less of the drama in your wife, that sounds more of a real need. Every couple has fights and quarrels but taking that entire World War scene to a whole new level by fighting in front of other people is not what a man wants from his future wife. If you have personal problems, solve them like mature people do. Don’t create a roadshow for others.

Honesty – is the best policy

Do you like listening to a pile of lies to cover up other lies and then more lies to cover up those? We don’t. When we are accustomed to receiving only the truth from the other person’s mouth, why would you lie? Every man expects his future partner to be the truthful one. In fact when talking about both the partners in a relationship, one must make sure that you stay truthful with one another no matter what the circumstances be. You don’t have any other option because lies have done no good to anyone ever.

A good sense of humor

No doubt that this is one essential feature that every woman wants in her husband or lover, but men don’t think otherwise. They too want to have a partner who has a great sense of humor. Men obviously want their partner to lighten up the mood when something is not right. When life gives you lemons, all a man wants is that his partner would squeeze them and make lemonade out of it. Life has its own ups and down and getting entangled in it is not a man wants.

Physical attraction

This one wasn’t very out-of-the-blue because physical attraction or sexual attraction is what every man looks out for. Every man wants his future wife to be a beautiful one who knows how to please him when the time comes. And, wanting this to happen is not wrong because if there won’t be any sexual attraction, the relationship will lose its charm within no time. This attraction goes a long way in sizzling up your relationship and also in keeping your love going long & strong.

The one who makes him feel like home

No matter how modern the times become, men still are the one who earns and comes home to find his family together. Men specifically look forward to women who can make them feel like home after the day-long hectic schedules. With a comfort and love that one must get when he comes back home is all, a man looks forth to in his partner. There’s no match for a clean house with served table and sitting down and eating together and that’s what men want.

A strong bond of friendship

Women want their husbands to be their friends because they find comfort in telling all the deepest secrets without any hesitation with them. However, talking about men, they want a friend in their partner because they don’t want to mess around hanging out with their friends. They want someone who’d share a beer with him, dance around, listen out to problems and also give probable solutions rather than yelling at them or being judgmental.


Romance and sexual attraction are two identical aspects of a relationship. While the latter is a part of romance, the former is an all together phenomenon that a man looks forward to in his partner. It is not only women who like their better halves to take them out for dinner dates, dances to good music and shower love by kisses and hugs. Not only this, romance is also when she cooks good food just to make your tastebuds go wow. You would find in some marriages that husbands prefer to stay out late because the wives are lazy and do not indulge in any kind of lovemaking.

Whether you consider these as the habits that can make a difference in your relationship or the list of expectations from their partners, they are essential. Do you have different expectations from the list? Do let us know in the comments below your expectations from your future wife.

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