Erectile Dysfunction – causes and remedies you must know

The Introduction

Many times, men find that they are unable to get an erection. This is not a cause for concern if it occurs infrequently. In this blog, you will know about Erectile Dysfunction – causes and remedies you must know.

However, if it does happen with regularity, then it can cause you quite a bit of embarrassment, mitigate your self-confidence, and adversely affect your relationship too.

So, let us first try to understand what this problem is and what is it called?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sex. Now, erectile dysfunction is not a problem that cannot be cured, however, it is a sensitive topic for most men. 

Thus, the inability to discuss this subject with a doctor does more harm than the disorder itself. But, it is important to realize what are the causes of ED?

Too Much Stress

You may think it’s ridiculous to consider stress can cause such a problem. But, they aren’t lying when they say that stress is a killer. Stress is known to cause more health issues than even cancer.

Excessive stress can lead to a heart condition, severe depression, anxiety disorders, diabetes, degenerative mental illnesses, and of course ED.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Research shows that men with idle lifestyles and little or no physical activity suffer from obesity, blood pressure problems, body cramps, and of course erectile dysfunction.

Excessive smoking

When you smoke, you inhale carbon monoxide that damages the lungs and the lining of blood vessels.

When your blood vessels are damaged, the blood flow to and within the penis are hindered. Thus, you are rendered helpless in a time of need.

Consumption of certain medications

Taking certain medications can lead to ED, as it affects the blood flow to and within the penis. However, in most cases, these medications are prescribed for other diseases by a doctor. 

Thus, even if you feel that it is causing problems in your sex life, you should consult a doctor before discontinuing the medicine. One such example is that of a cancer chemotherapy medication called cimetidine.

What can you do to remedy ED?

ED isn’t a terminal disease that can kill you. It can, however, kill your self-image. So, before it does you harm, let’s talk about the things you can do to put a stopper to it.

Exercise regularly

ED is often associated with obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, and no physical exertions. Thus, you simply have to incorporate more wholesome eating habits into your life. And, more importantly, you need to get into doing some exercise.

Now, intense work-outs, too much cycling aren’t recommended for patients battling ED. No, you can lose weight by running or other forms of aerobics too. In fact pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels are highly recommended.

Avoid Bad Habits

Simply quit smoking. It’s a common cause for cancer for smokers as well as second-hand smokers too. Also, you need to limit your consumption of alcohol too.

Try Tadalafil

This is a wonder pill known to help you with ED and can last up to 36 hours. The best part is you can buy Tadalafil online too.

In Conclusion

It’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before you start any new medications. And, we’re hoping this article will give you the confidence you need to redefine your love life.

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