How to Enjoy Healthy Biking Anytime, Anywhere


Exercising outdoors provides both a physical and emotional experience that is unique. While working out from the comfortable confines of home or a gym may seem appealing, certain forms of exercise are best enjoyed when immersed in real-life circumstances. One such example is biking, which helps keep you in-shape and provides plenty of opportunities to see the world in all its beauty.

While that stationary bike may be useful during bad weather, hitting the trails or cruising the street provides an array of benefits as well. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in situations where they feel biking is not an option. In most cases, this isn’t true.

Whether you are travelling abroad, visiting family away from home or just commuting, we’ll tell you below how to maximise your biking opportunities.

Biking When Abroad

Let’s say you’re travelling to a different country, leaving all of your personal possessions at home. You can’t exactly fit a bike into the overhead compartment on a plane, so this seems like a perfect excuse to avoid biking. Not true!

Especially when travelling to densely populated areas, bike rentals are all too commonplace. You can often rent a bike for the day that won’t cost more than a cup of coffee at most high-end coffee shops. Since most countries are bike-friendly in one way or another, you’ll have no problem getting around the city and can get some healthy exercise at the same time (not to mention what you’ll save on public transit and/or rental vehicles).

Biking When Travelling

If you’re planning a road trip, being able to fit everything – and everyone – into the vehicle is your primary concern. Where exactly are you going to be able to fit a bike?

For those who love to bike and love to travel, there are options. Roof carriers are a common choice, allowing you to strap the bike(s) to the roof of your vehicle and travel anywhere with them. If you’re concerned about maintaining those daily levels of exercise when travelling across Australia, then consider roof carriers for your bike to keep fit.

Biking When Home

Getting some exercise when at home shouldn’t be difficult – and thankfully, it isn’t. If you live in an urban area, biking along pedestrian routes and/or streets should be easy enough. For those in more rural environments, it might be worth investing in a mountain bike or comparable model, which will more adequately handle rougher terrains.

Even in relatively confined settings, a daily biking regimen is easily maintained with a little bit of willpower and preparation. The only situations where it could be a problem is during bad weather, which brings us to…

Biking During Bad Weather

Finally, we have to consider what biking opportunities are available when the weather outside doesn’t cooperate. During particularly rainy and/or cold times, having an option to bike is a must.

For some, this means maintaining a regular gym membership and exercising outside of the home. For others, a stationary bike in the home may be a preferable option. Whatever the case, there is little reason why daily biking exercise cannot be enjoyed.


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