5 Engaging Holiday Activities at Home to Plan with Your Kids

Holidays are a great opportunity for children to travel and make new friends or take part in educational activities in order to expand their horizons. Libraries and museums offer a wide range of options for every taste, but parents shouldn’t forget that school breaks are also a chance for them to reconnect with their kids and have fun together. Below are five ways to spend some creative and meaningful moments with your little ones at the comfort of your own home.

1. Throw a Party

Back in the day, parents didn’t organize parties for children in cafeterias, fast foods or shopping mall playgrounds. They used to involve every family member in cooking, cleaning and decorating the home.

Throwing a party is an entertaining way to introduce children to some house chores, while you can also teach them about making an invitation, politely accepting a refusal and catering for guests. To make things more exciting, propose a costume party. Halloween costumes are usually on sale this time of the year and you will also be able to use them again in October.

2. It’s Time for a Yard Sale

If your kid is a hoarder and clings on to every toy he has, while you are feeling suffocated by the amount of useless objects that piled up in your home, convince your family to have  a yard sale. This way, everyone gets a deadline for cleaning up and you will make an enjoyable activity out of something that could become very stressful.

Moreover, you can turn it into a charity event and donate the money to a local cause, to build up some motivation for your young ones and teach them to be caring with people and the community they belong to.

3. Start an Art Workshop

One of the most important things you can teach your children is how to express their feelings and an art project is one way to that. Turn an area of your home into a creative space: bring there crayons, watercolors, colored adhesive paper sheets and clay, but try to also work on the atmosphere with some relaxing music and comfortable chairs.

Find together a theme for your artistic activities and let your creative juices flow. You can later expose the final work somewhere in the house to make your kids feel valued. This sort of activity encourages children to show their personality and channel their energy in an ingenious way.

4. Camp in the Yard

If you don’t feel ready to take your kids on a camping trip yet, set up a tent in your own backyard. Show them how to pick the place and how to secure the tent in case of rain. Have a picnic only with food you could have carried with you during a hiking journey and stargaze until you fall asleep. The next day, let them invite friends over to share the experience with them and play around.

5. Explore the Past

How much do your children know about their family history? Draw together your family tree and search for some old pictures of you, your parents and even your grandparents. This is an opportunity to tackle history and identity themes in a simple and entertaining way. You can also invite your parents and let them tell their stories in order to make the activity even more engaging.

All things considered, these old-fashioned holiday projects are budget-friendly, imaginative, fun, as well as they are able to help children develop new skills.

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