Elegant Christmas Card Designs & Tips

During the 19th century Victorian Era, Christmas card designs consisted of morbid humor. Images of dead animals or wicked humor were often presented as the main theme. This article helps us to understand all about Christmas Card Designs & Tips.

However, by the mid-1800s, Christmas had become a cherished holiday full of festive celebrations. And in 1843, Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first-ever Christmas card that centuries later developed into a significant part of the holiday tradition.

Of course, today’s holiday cards can be designed with a variety of custom themes. To help plan your picture-perfect cards, compile some photos of your family through the winter, spring, or summer before choosing which of your favorites you want to share. 

Summer temperatures may be soaring above the 90-degree mark across the country, but in the minds of holiday planners, Christmas starts in July. In fact, the earlier you start compiling your list, the less likely it is you’ll miss anyone. Update your address book and make sure you haven’t forgotten the new neighbors down the street. Order early, preferably by late summer, so that you can save time and ensure a stress-free season for shopping, cooking, or just relaxing with loved ones. 

Here are a few tips and card designs to spark your creativity.

Make it a Signature Holiday

To help design the best photo Christmas cards, start by selecting your best group family photo. Designs with a plaid back and signature holiday font on the front of the card give off a cozy and warm feel that inspires visions of snow-covered tree limbs and crackling fires. Have an outdoorsman in your family? Then organize a family photo session in the early fall. Rustic themes with fall foliage or scenic landscapes make a nice addition to this style.

Know That Enchanted 3D Styles Add an Elegant Touch

What better way to showcase your festive holiday style than with a 3D holiday border of holly berries situated on all four corners. Moreover, a red, burgundy background will help accentuate this card and give it a classy, traditional look that can showcase any photo from your collection. Celebrating a Christmas anniversary? Then showcase your best “couple” picture behind a 3D border.

Spread Peace and Goodwill

Spread tidings of good holiday cheer with a design that unites people of all cultures. If your family is comprised of diverse faiths or backgrounds, you may wish to send a message that signifies unity during the holiday season. Indeed, it’s a perfect way to express the Christmas theme of love. Photo ideas might include cultural symbols that display different faiths. If your family is planning a vacation to a city known for celebrating diversity, such as New York City, be sure to snap some group pictures with Lady Liberty in the background.

Be Joyful, Always

To commemorate this Christmas card style, you’ll want to incorporate a festive design that includes two of your favorite photos in opposite corners of the card. Use the other two corners to display two different holiday messages, such as “Happy Holidays,” followed by your family’s surname. Perhaps your family had a couple of major transitions over the year leading up to the holiday season. Did you buy a new house or move to a new city? Maybe someone took a vacation of a lifetime. Whatever the case, incorporate your most defining and joyful moments of the year into this card design and share them with loved ones.

This Holiday Season, Spread Joy and Happiness

As you consider some of these Christmas card ideas, know that you’ll bring delight to the faces of family members and friends with some much-needed thought and love. Remember to plan early and have your cards in the mail by the first week in December. And before you seal the envelope, don’t forget to add your signature. It’s considered proper Christmas card etiquette and adds a personal touch to your greeting. Spread joy!


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