Early Signs Of Labor: Must Read For Moms-To-Be

Early Signs Of Labor

Not long ago you used to be kid yourself wearing those comfy rompers and wrangling round the corridor of your house giggling all the day long, and then resting in the lap of your mother. Years passed by, adulthood struck, in no time you were married and viola… you are going to be a mother yourself!

Like most anxious moms are you also wondering about early signs of labour? Let’s share our pearls of wisdom with you:

Early signs of labour:

a.)  For all those moms-to-be out there, as this is your first pregnancy, from the day you explored a brand new life deep inside you who after nine months of gaining nourishment from you will step into this mighty world, you must be having loads of dreams for your child, but along with those dreams comes innumerable number of questions, amongst which the most frequently asked question is about the early signs of labor.

b.) Since giving birth to baby is not a child’s play, as a lot of strength and patience is needed during the whole process of giving birth to the child, therefore woman usually gets frightened when the question of early signs of labour arises in their mind.

c.) It is important for pregnant women to know the early signs of labor because that way they can easily prepare themselves for the upcoming pain, pressure and struggle they have to go through. Read on to learn how you can identify early signs of labor!Early signs of labour

Types of contractions:

a.) There are two signs of labor, real labor contractions and false labor contractions – Distinguishing real labor contractions from false ones is rather tricky. Real contractions don’t go away even if a woman changes positions by lying down or moving around. In this case, the contractions are rhythmic and can occur at a frequency of six contractions per hour. If the frequency rises that means it’s high time for you to welcome the baby!

b.) And Vice versa in case of false contractions. Also the false contractions stop when a woman changes her position.Types of contractions

Let us start with Pre-Labor:

a.)   One to four weeks before labor – The baby DROPS!!! In this situation when the baby moves away from your lungs that means it is ready to exit, so the movement makes a room for you to breathe easily. Since the baby starts descending towards your pelvis therefore it exerts pressure on your bladder which makes you run towards the bathroom frequently.

b.)  The cervix starts dilating – Days before you deliver, the cervix prepared itself for the upcoming baby by dilating and thinning out. Since everybody doesn’t have the same progress, therefore dear ladies don’t get disheartened if you weekly checkups doesn’t show any signs of effacement and dilation.

c.)  Increased cramps and back pain – If this is your first pregnancy, with your labor days coming closer it is possible for you to experience pain and cramps in your lower back and groin. This happens because the joints and muscles start preparing for the baby by shifting and stretching.

d.) Your joints loosen up – Since for the baby to make an exit from your womb it is necessary for the pelvis to open up. For this purpose, the joints become loose which can be easily felt by the mother.Pre Labor signs

e.)  Diarrhea – In the preparation of the upcoming baby, other muscles also start preparing themselves by losing up. This at times results in lose movement of the bowels. This is actually a pleasant sign in terms of pregnancy, so don’t panic!

f.)  You start losing weight When the delivery time comes near, due to the increased metabolic activities, you either start losing weight or simply stop gaining weight. You don’t have to worry about the baby’s health inside, he’s absolutely safe, and is still growing!

g.)  You become feeble – Ok so it’s the ninth month of your pregnancy, and you are officially ready to become a mother, so the process of preparing for this grand day, you and your body had to struggle a lot but is finally going to come to an end. But the ending days are not going to be easy, a lot more of uneasiness is going to make you feeble, but patience ladies, your world your identity will all be changed and leveled up!

At the time of delivery:

a.) Doctor’s time – A doctor is to be called when the baby is about to come out, it gives the sign of its arrival when you experience bleeding or a bright-red discharge (NOTE: it should not be pinkish or brownish)

b.)  The newborn’s first stool comes out of your body in the form of brown or green fluid, this is also a sign of you soon going to be in a labor position. SO it is strongly suggested for you to call up a doctor!

c.)  You can also experience early signs of labor in the form of certain changes in your vision, or severe and sudden swelling, theses are the symptoms of hypertension induced by pregnancy.Early signs of labour at delivery time

Ok lovely mothers so these were the signs which will definitely tell you the entry for your little one into this world is just around the corner. Take care of yourself and start preparing for your big day! And remember never ever panic in any situation and consult a doctor if any confusions occur… take care!

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