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The following article aims to provide all the information you need to answer the question, “How does Dream11 work?” If you’re wondering, “Is creating a Dream11 account free?” or “Is Dream11 paypal safe?” Stop searching and let us help shed some light on how DB11 works – along with what other users think about their experiences using the platform.

So without further ado, we sincerely hope that reading this article will be helpful when it comes to understanding how Dream 11 actually works!

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is India’s biggest fantasy sports platform and was founded to help change the future of the sports industry in India. As a leading provider of professional sports culture, entertainment, games, and technology services in the world, members can enjoy the fun and excitement brought by Dream11 Fantasy Sports platform through different channels such as web and mobile.

How Dream11 works?

Dream11 is a Sports Fantasy platform in which sports fans create teams for a specific sports match, and compete against other contestants that have also joined the same contest. All of these contestants are awarded points based off of their team’s performance in the real match. At the end of the match,

the “Dream11” app shows which fantasy teams scored more points than others, and displays any prizes doled out to all participants depending on how well their team performed overall! The best thing about Dream11 is that there are plenty of contests you can join with multiple winners:

more chances means far more prize money for you to claim, so go on and join our platform today!

How Dream11 login works?

For login on dream11, either through Google or Facebook account or by entering your Mobile number with dream 11 apk download. If you use your mobile number with dream 11, then you will be sent an OTP to your mobile number which can be entered to the dream 11 app for successful login.

What all Sports matches are available post dream11 apk download?

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How to play dream11?

Registering for Dream11 is a quick, easy and secure process that you can start immediately after going through your favourite sports.

Select a Match

Once you open up the dream 11 app you will see a lot of different matches under what sports and categories? For example football, cricket, hockey etc. You just need to click on the category sport or select any match or a competition that is available at that time.

Once you choose that particular competition or match, it will be displayed on your screen where all the contests would be visible. In order to join any contest you need to create your team by selecting players from the players who are playing in this particular match which is visible on screen.

Create your teams

Dream11’s mission is to provide fans from all over the world with fan-friendly entertainment, allowing them to enjoy the competition while also placing an emphasis on fairness. At Dream11, you’re not only able to create clubs of your favorite teams as a participant, but you’re also able to play with friends by creating a private league exclusively for them.

Additionally, you’re able to create private leagues whenever and however often you want by getting multiple friends or family members involved at whatever frequency you’d like. It is such a great way of combining both fun and functionality that allows you to enjoy cricket even more!

You will have to select the players from both MI & CSK teams.You have to select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 players from one team. You are given 100 points in total with which to create your players You can invite not more than 7 players for selection, as every player has been assigned fixed cost/points value.

Fantasy Points scored by these players so far in the tournament is also shown with each player – you should use these numbers as a guide when selecting your squad’s lineup. You can also see where people who’ve created their own fantasy cricket teams are considering dropping or keeping specific players for this match – it’s a great way for you to get an idea of how others are thinking about the same info you’re using!

Join Contests

Dream11 apk hosts daily, weekly and monthly contests. During the signup process, one pays a small entry fee, which is different based on contest type. For example, if one is entering a ‘per day’ contest as an individual player, they have to pay INR 50. On the other hand, if one registers for a ‘per week’ match between two ICC ranked teams and seeks to join with three of their friends and co-workers,

then each of those four players has to spend INR 100 up front. Additionally, there is a minimum limit for the total number of spots available in most matches that Dream11 hosts thus ensuring that there are enough chances for everyone who wants to participate even during busy times when others are signed up en masse.

One way to check out what types of matches are upcoming or able to be joined at any given moment on Dream11 is by checking out the two filters mentioned below sliders which can be used to customize the view so that only relevant options show up as choices during signup.

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