Don’t Get Caught in a Fix-It Pickle: 6 Must-Have Car Tools to Keep in Your Car

In 2015 more than 32 million drivers were “rescued” by a AAA. This doesn’t even account for the millions of other drivers who called a different service provider.

At some point or another, regardless if you drive an old Dodge pickup truck or a new Prius, you may find yourself in this situation. If that’s the case, it’s essential that you are prepared.

Don't Get Caught in a Fix-It Pickle 6 Must-Have Car Tools to Keep in Your Car

One of the best ways for you to be prepared is to have the right tools in your car. Some must have car tools to keep in hand can be found here.

1. A Window or Seatbelt Escape Device

This is a small item that could be a real lifesaver – literally. You should keep the tool close to the driver’s seat. You can do this with double-sided tape or even Velcro. This will allow you to break a window if you are underwater or trapped in your vehicle.

The tool can also be used to cut the seatbelt, which is notorious for being tough to get out of. If you are short on air, if the vehicle is on fire, or other danger looms, being able to get out quickly is a must. This simple tool will help you.

2. A Socket Set

Another essential tool you need in your vehicle is a socket set. This is absolutely necessary if you need to work on your vehicle at any time.

A proper socket set will include both metric and standard sizes of sockets, along with the needed drivers. Having thin walled sockets and extensions can also be beneficial.

3. A GPS

Not knowing where you are isn’t a fun feeling. A GPS is going to help eliminate this possibility altogether.

If you are planning to visit a new town, or just driving alone, having a GPS in your car can be invaluable.

4. Duct Tape

While this may sound a bit simple, duct tape can fix a wide array of issues. From damages to the vehicle’s body, to temporary fixes to hoses and other parts, duct tape is a must-have item.

In addition to being great for automotive emergency situations, it’s great for other situations, too. Don’t be cheap – the more expensive brands are going to stick much better than cheaper brands.

5. First Aid Kit

You, nor your passengers, aren’t damage-proof. As a result, if someone is injured, having a basic first aid kit can be invaluable.

You can purchase a pre-made one or put one together on your own. Either way, it’s a good idea to have one in your vehicle at all times.

6. Tire Inflator

Your tires are the only part of the vehicle that come in contact as the road. As a result, they are prone to issues.

If your tire is going flat, having a portable tire inflator can mean the difference in being stranded and getting to a nearby repair shop.

Must-Have Car Tools: Now You Know

If you want to protect yourself from a breakdown and being stranded on the side of the road, then make sure you have these car tools on-hand. It’s a good idea to make sure everyone you love has these items, too.

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