The term aquiline comes from the Latin term meaning ‘eagle like’. People having aquiline noses are said to have noses bent in the shape of an eagle’s beak. It is also known as the roman nose or hook nose. The nose is usually shaped as crooked and the bridge is predominant. An aquiline nose was historically marked as a sign of a great sense of ideal beauty. But with passing time, the modern beauty norms have begun to hold a grudge against the hook nose. This type of nose is more common to certain races geographically, as the native Americans. But in case you are disgusted by your eagle-like nose there are plenty of surgeries to avail of which will modify the shape and contour your nose just according to your desires.   

Besides the obvious hereditary reasons, the aquiline nose can also be caused because of injury in the bridge of the nose which might have caused an unnatural hump in the nasal bone. Whatever may the causes be the solution lies in rhinoplasty also known as the nose surgery


Before performing surgery, surgeons usually conduct a thorough examination. It comprises a blood test as well as a nasal X-ray. An X-Ray would reveal both the interior and outer aspects of your nose. It would assist the doctor in avoiding any type of nasal obstruction while devising a surgical strategy.

The doctor will also take a proper picture of your nose from several angles prior to the rhinoplasty operation. This would be utilized later, after the procedure, to examine the before and after results, as well as to have a talk about the patient’s objectives.

A discussion of your goals with your doctor is the final but most important phase. This will aid your surgeons in creating a surgical plan. It would also provide you with a lot of information about what you can expect post-operation.


The cost of rhinoplasty surgery varies significantly depending on the surgeon’s competence and the technical facilities used. South Korea is known for offering excellent cosmetic surgery services at an exceedingly low cost. In India, the price ranges from 80,000 to 2,50,000 INR.

However, it’s a tough procedure with a lot of potential dangers. Such hazards can only be avoided by following the surgeons’ instructions. Some common yet dangerous risks include Nasal bleeds. In the worst-case situation, one may develop scars. It’s possible that the patient will have respiratory difficulties. In rare cases, one can end up with an asymmetrical nose that is completely different from what they had hoped for.

All of these issues can be readily resolved with lots of rest. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe drugs to speed up the healing process.

Therefore the procedure to modify your aquiline nose is not easy. But if done under safe hands the outcome will be as joyous as imagined. 

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