Did You Know That Mattresses Age With Time?

“Well I have heard of the saying ‘good wine ages with time,’  but I never knew that a good mattress ages with time!”  It is indeed true that even the best mattresses grow old with time.  When this happens, they need to be disposed of because it may not be safe for you to sleep on them anymore.  “If this is the case, then I wonder what the best way of disposing them is.”  Mattress disposal and other related topics is the subject of this article, so read on if you want to know more!

Did you know that mattresses age with time

Have you ever heard of the mattress disposal bag?

“Huh, a mattress disposal bag even exists?”   What is it, can you please tell me more about it?  Before discussing that, it’s time to mention a few valuable statistics.  Did you know that of the more than 6.5 million mattresses sold in 2015 only 879,000 were recycled?  Furthermore these mattresses which were not recycled occupied more than 132,000 square miles in each landfill they were disposed in!  That’s a lot of waste!  The easier alternative is to place them in a special bag meant for disposing of mattresses.  You then place them by your curb and wait for the recycling truck to pick it up!  These disposal bags can easily be bought from any store selling mattresses.

Do you want your home to look like a king’s palace?

 “Of course I want to my home to look as beautiful as a king’s palace.  The drawback is that I don’t have the huge treasury of funds which a king would, so what do I do?”  Well, you can use the residents home goods dimensions to buy estate type furniture at a fraction of the price.  It is very easy to make your home look very attractive and appear as though rich royalty lived there using that strategy!  There are select stores which sell these items and their selection is not limited to furniture either.  If you explore their online sites, you will find useful everyday items like rugs, and fine cutlery.  So go ahead and set up a budget to decorate your home nicely!

Did you know that there are times when you only want to sleep on a king size mattress?

“What difference does it make what size bed I sleep on at night?  All I want to do is sleep well so that I can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!”  If this is your sentiment then you need to know the following.  Mattress size matters.  There are times when the difference between queen vs king bed width can make the difference between sleeping well at night and feeling refreshed in the morning and feeling groggy and uncomfortable after having ‘tossed and turned around uncomfortably in bed for the entire night!’  King size mattresses are 15% bigger than queen size mattresses and this gives your body (and feet) extra room to stretch out and relax!

Now sleep well at night!

Yes, this is an order for you to start falling asleep and staying asleep the minute your head hits the pillow!  Now that you know the mattress dimensions you need to sleep well at night and how to make your bedroom look homely and comfortable enough for you to fall asleep comfortably and stay asleep, you can sleep well at night!

Vidhita Naidu
Vidhita Naidu
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