Did You Know That Latex Makes All The Difference?

“What do you mean by ‘Did you know that latex makes all the difference?’”  That question was in reference to mattresses.  Did you know that the type of material your mattress is made of plays a huge role in determining how well and how long you will sleep at night?  If you did not, read this article because you will learn more about this and other interesting things about mattresses!

Did You Know That Latex Makes All The Difference

There is Dunlop and then there is talalay latex!

If there could ever be a competition between mattress materials, it would be dunlop v.s. Talalay latex!  Latex mattresses can either be made out of natural or man made latex foam materials.  Its bottom layer is made out of inner springs, individually wrapped pocket coils, or dense polyfoam.  This is what makes it firm and gives you and your back support at night when you sleep.  The latex and its underlying springs also give the mattress a slight bounce which makes it able to absorb shocks your body may create while you sleep.  The only thing you will feel is undisturbed and comfortable sleep!

Did you know that there is an alternative to the traditional twin size mattress? 

“So now mattress makers are being innovative and ‘thinking outside of the box’ in terms of making mattresses?  That is great news!”  Yes, indeed, there is a great alternative to the traditional box spring alternative twin!  The answer lies in memory foam mattresses.  The material they are made out of will provide you with great back support which will allow you to enjoy many hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep!  These types of mattresses work best with a platform bed frame.  These types of bed frames do not require the lumpy and often times uncomfortable box spring mattresses.  This allows you to sleep well at night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!

What do you do when you can’t afford your mattress?

“I can’t afford to buy these fancy mattresses.  I don’t make lots of money and these mattresses must be expensive!”  Do not worry, rest assured that you can easily afford a great mattress with mattress financing deals.  If you buy a mattress today, you can stretch your payments out over 24 months and enjoy a 0% APR for that entire time.  The best part is you can pay as little as $63 a month for that entire two year time period.  You don’t need to worry about going into debt to buy a quality mattress which will allow you to sleep well at night.  The option of choosing from many flexible payment plans will also be presented to you and this will give you great leverage in terms of being able to afford your ‘dream mattress.’  Please note that you may have to pay a small amount in terms of a down payment!

“Great now I can sleep well at night!” 

“Great now I can sleep well at night knowing that a good night’s sleep is literally right around the corner!”  I am happy to know that quality and comfortable mattresses are easily within my financial reach.  This indeed makes me very happy!”

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