Deliver flowers as a gift: A cheerful gift with meaning

I don’t often have a beautiful bunch of flowers on the table. I’d rather buy something “practical”. Yet I catch myself that a colorful bouquet on the table makes me very happy and that I suddenly want to take a lot of photos in which the flowers play the leading role. I also think to deliver flowers as a gift when I visit somewhere. Those surprised faces when they see my carefully selected bouquet make me happy. But why only if I visit someone? Having flowers delivered is the ultimate surprise!

Flowers for every occasion

You can always give flowers! Have flowers delivered for a birthday, a garden party, a move and flowers at a maternity visit. I do remember that in my maternity week I got a bunch of flowers that had the same color as our birth announcement. I was so happy with such a thoughtful gift for me and for once not for the baby!

Flowers make people happy. Of course, you always have to gamble what kind of flowers you give, because you don’t make everyone happy with lilies or a coffee bouquet in a striking color, for example. But I’m guessing that a hip field bouquet will appeal to everyone!

The meaning of flowers

Did you know that you can also send a secret message with flowers? Flowers all have their own meaning.

For example, these are the meanings of popular flowers:

  • Rose = I love you
  • Lily = You make me happy
  • Tulip = I wish you success
  • Sunflower = I think you are fantastic!
  • Gerbera = Everything is more fun with you
  • Orchid = I think you are beautiful
  • Azalea = Be careful!
  • Chrysanthemum = Thank you!
  • Ranunculus = You are charming
  • Dahlia = I want to stay with you forever.

The color of a bouquet often says something about the giver. For example, you give red flowers from romance, yellow flowers from friendship or happiness and purple flowers more often for more serious matters.

Sending flowers to family or friends

When do you have flowers delivered? The question should really be: When not? For example, if you have to miss the birthday of a good friend or want to congratulate a business relationship with an anniversary. But as a gift on behalf of a maternity visit, such a beautiful forest at the door is also very suitable, because you leave a new family alone, but let them know that you are thinking of them.

Actually, it’s even more fun to surprise someone with a bunch of flowers. Just when they don’t expect it. On the site of Blommor you can order the most beautiful bouquets and have them delivered anywhere in the world. Letterbox flowers are called färska blommor for example in Swedish and there are many more countries where they now send letterbox flowers as a gift.

Send flowers in every season of the year

Every season brings different flowers. In the summer, for example, we have beautiful summer picking bouquets and sunflowers. But did you also know that every flower type carries its own meaning? Red roses are of course known as flowers of love, but there are many more beautiful flower varieties to choose from. For example, the snapdragon as a flower stands for purity and love. This makes a bouquet of snapdragons the perfect surprise to thank someone with flowers. Celebrate friendship with orchids or wish someone strength in a difficult period with lilies. A flower is always possible. That much is certain. Our own florist Bettine Clemens, together with our stylists, buyers and flower arrangers, has put together a range of flowers for every moment.


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