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Software development is a field that has developed lot over the years. And today, you can find existing off-the-shelf software in any area without having to create it from scratch. Although existing off-the-shelf software provides an excellent answer to most users ‘needs; there is still a built-in problem. It is either too Dedicated software development to use or too general. It does not provide an accurate answer to the needs. Most off-the-shelf software takes into account the needs of the average user at the software development stage. It assumes basic assumptions according to which the software is developed. As a result, the software is created that does not give inaccurate solution to all potential users. Another software development approach is to add a lot of options to the user to make choices regarding the use of the many functions that the software offers. As a result of implementing this approach in the software development phase, complicated. In this blog, you will know about Dedicated software development.

Software is created for initial installation and setup. Usually, the implementation phase, which is a critical phase, does not pass successfully. The software does not enter or use properly, although

Much effort has been put into its development. An intermediate solution that combines the two

Approaches described to software development and provide a better answer to given needs.

It is to develop dedicated software according to customer needs (sometimes called ‘software tailoring’). In most cases, developing specific software according to the customer’s needs is more expensive, but the software obtained is the best solution for the customer since it considers all the customer’s needs and is influenced solely by his own Needs.

For the software development process to be efficient and successful there must be proper communication between the software developer and its future use. The user knows the professional side of the business and the usual terminology. In contrast, the software developer knows the technology and concepts used in computing but do not necessarily know the Specific field. Will develop the software. To bridge this gap and for the developer and the user to ‘speak the same language; a system analysis process is performed to analyze the user’s needs. The Requirements from the software are formulated. This process can be very short or very long and depends on the specific field and the user’s general knowledge and understanding regarding software characterization and the developer’s ability in the particular area. At the end of the analysis process, a software characterization document functions as its production instructions.

Dedicated software development is a collaborative process between the software developer and the user. After the initial development according to the software’s characterization, the software is presented to the user for testing and comments, followed by an additional development phase, Additions and corrections. Even after the software development is completed to the customer’s satisfaction, there are still bugs in the software, which will be discovered later and after more intensive use, so close monitoring and availability of the key are needed during the first period of using the new software.

Seemingly, the development process of new software is long and cumbersome. Still, the benefits are enormous: the customer is a partner in characterization and settings and can influence the

Product he buys. The software will function precisely as the customer wants, and the customer does not have to change his work habits. Shelf, the software developed will serve the customer longer than shelf software as it cans ‘grow.’ with it. Through additional software adjustments and developments, adapt itself to new forms in which. Will run the business in the future. DICEUS have own tools, information, and expertise to perform all the steps involved in software development (from the requirements analysis stage, characterization writing, the product itself, Quality control, implementation, training, and ongoing support). Working with one service provider to perform all the steps allows smooth and transparent movement between the steps. It prevents a ‘broken phone‘ situation between several service providers. We will be happy to be your service provider and accompany you in all stages, from the concept stage to where the Software is regularly used. Of course, there are also advantages in dividing the various steps between more than one service providers (for review, for example). We will also be happy to provide our services for individual actions as part of Your software development project.






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