David Lama: First to Climb a Spectacular Deephole in Lebanon

David Lama climbs in Lebanon

Watch David Lama climbing the stunning Baatara Gorge, how he struggles with obstacles to complete a complicated route.

David Lama climbing Avaatara (5.14d), his Firstclimb in the Baatara Gorge near Tannourine, Lebanon on June 18th, 2015.

David Lama climbing Avaatara (5.14d), his very initial climb in the Baatara Gorge near Tannourine, Lebanon on June 18th, 2015. Via Corey Rich/Red Bull Content Pool

A talented climber David Lama predetermined his eyes on positioning a way in the untouched Baatara Gorge in Lebanon for his most recent exploration, and he deal with prominent challenge, perhaps too much he initially foreseen.

For this young climber, it was a very strong step for the young climber, as Lebanon is nowhere in the climbing map, however Lama needed to bring out the adventure of hiking from the cascading sinkhole.

At first, it was hard to try and locate a climbable way up the gorge walls, yet in the long run he was fortunate in positioning the new path Avaatara, a 5.14d climb

Watch his astounding first climb of Baatara Gorge:

via Red Bull Content Pool

Take a look at his vertical journey of Baatara gorge

“Travelling over the roads that are previously been exposed is nowhere a matter of adventure. True thrill exists in discovering something new, a new path, a new method, a new route, a new Sinkhole.”

David Lama says, “Lebanon is absolutely an exceptional place, a little bit interesting, a place which is not actually known for climbing and this is what drove closer to this place.”

A look into the Baatara Gorge
A glance deep into the Baatara Gorge

Concerning the climb, it was rest in a tremendous deephole, with a falls pouring through within. It had certainly not been climbed, so David must be innovative in positioning his path. He at first had worries it would still be conceivable.

Light radiates through the caves in the Baatara Gorge in Lebanon - the spectacular view
Light radiates through the caves in the Baatara Gorge in Lebanon – the spectacular view

“It is not very ordinary that you search out to such a spectacular area no one has climbed,” Lama says. “To locate a climbable stripe in this deephole, was truly hard. I truly had my uncertainties. The ramparts are extraordinarily sharp and there are not really any grips, so I was uncertain there is a line I might free climb.”

David Lama on the first climb
David Lama on the very initial climb

The bottom line was so hard that clipping the quick draws in the rooftop might have taken an excess of force, thus he essentially skipped them. Hence it was a reprieve when it was ended and he predicted he was not going to take a fall.

David Lama climbs in Lebanon
David Lama ascents in Lebanon

He trusts the track is genuinely excellent, very nearly a sort of artwork. “I presume as it comes to ascents that are this pretty hard or this nears your edge, climbing is more about an art than a game,” he clarifies.

“It’s the move from a thought you have in your brain to something everybody can perceive. Like at this time, everybody knows this line is climbable and that is wonderful as I would like to think.”


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