80+ Cute Things to Tell Your Girlfriend in 2018

For any relationship to thrive past its preliminary infatuation stage, it requires consistent watering from the hose of expressed emotion (similar to the way an expert gardener caringly provides liquid sustenance to his/her plants on a daily basis).

Without gentle, authentic and continuous dosages of such audible and textual messages of love, a romantic connection cannot help but fizzle out at the merest instance of a struggle or challenge that may happen to come its way.

In order for you to avoid this fate, and to hold on to the person of your dreams (who will then – hopefully, and provided you don’t manage to screw things up in any funny way – go on to feel the same way about you), we have compiled a listing of some of the cute things to tell your girlfriend – in the year 2018, and beyond.

Some Cute Statements to tell your girlfriend – for Getting ANY Couple in the Mood

These statements are in fact pithy sentences of declarative love, and once you memorize them (or simply rephrase them using your own wordings), you’ll know what to say to keep your mutual state of attraction always buzzing.

And to keep your reading journey fun and totally worthwhile, they have been catalogued in accordance with the primary body parts of your significant other – which you’re already sure to have an opinion on (we’re betting)!

Before you actually do start to rehearse these points, though, it would be prudent for you to remember to look, feel and sound natural at all times in your relationship.

Most girls are pretty ingenious at discriminating between the genuine expressions of true love from the short-lived & false ones, and so overdoing your love-struck cupid persona could cost you your relationship; if you’re not careful about the whole thing.

We’ve given you fair warning.

Start by Focusing on the Literal ‘Head’ of the Matter…

  • You know what your hair reminds me of? Nothing! Because nothing (like the song) compares to you
  • Keeping a lock of hair sounds creepy, I know; but with your hair, I’m sometimes left wondering otherwise…
  • I love your forehead, and the way it seems to shine to me from far away – like a lighthouse to guide me when I’m lost
  • I’m no Shakespeare, but if I were, each of your eyes would have me pen their own beautiful sonnet
  • Your eyes are like pearls that would make Aphrodite jealous – but thank God she’s not real
  • I wanted to paint your face, but not even the fairest colors seemed to do it any justice (and so I threw away the damned canvas)
  • After seeing your face, I totally understood why women were once worshipped as goddesses by men
  • You’re so pretty; I can imagine why some cultures advocate covering up their women (because no guy would ever want to share you)
  • If ‘pretty’ could be personified in a person, it would be you
  • When I looked up beautiful in the dictionary, I could only envision your face
  • If the first, as well as the last, thing that I see every day is your face, I would die a happy man
  • God truly broke his mold after he made you, because I’ve never seen perfection like this before
  • I know it sounds cheesy, but your ears are pretty cute (and seem practically delish)
  • I’m getting you a veil for our anniversary, because I don’t want anyone looking at that sweet face
  • I memorized this cute thing to tell your girlfriend post from the Internet, but when I saw you today, my mind forgot its lessons – and my heart penned some surprising poetry of its own
  • An eternity of kisses could not satisfy my love for your cheeks
  • I want to sing a song for your face, but words are too limiting
  • Your laugh is my muse – I want to die hearing it resound within my head (because that’s what heaven surely sounds like)
  • Your voice is what the angels covet – something that heaven is truly missing out on since you’re here with me
  • I heard you humming a tune the other day – and by God, I can’t seem to get it out of my head
  • Your voice is what snaps me out of my slumber; my light at the end of every dark tunnel
  • Don’t stop talking – I want to keep on hearing how angels speak

And Slide onto that Neck (& Shoulders)

  • I want you to keep me with you at all times, and so I got you this necklace
  • Your neck deserves to be decked out in gold, and that’s what I’ll do if you’ll truly have me…
  • I want to learn how to sculptor, so that I can create an art classic modelling your pretty neck
  • These Hollywood producers don’t know what they’re missing – they haven’t seen your beautiful head yet
  • I was at the jeweler’s today, but I couldn’t find a necklace that matched up with your perfect neck
  • Your pretty neck deserves to be worshipped onstage, but then I might get lost in the sea of your admirers
  • If firmness and beauty (in the likeness of Jane Eyre and Helen of Troy) were ever asked of me, I’d draw a picture of your neck
  • I was thinking about composing a tune inspired by your neck, but found all melodies to be too restricting
  • How do you suggest I go about idolizing your neck, because I know my words always seem to fall short where you’re concerned?
  • I can see myself stroking that sweet neck of yours on our daughter’s shoulders. I want to keep having this dream
  • I want to store the intoxicating scent of your neck – my cure for all of life’s ills
  • When God made you, he set the standard for what beauty is supposed to look like
  • You’re cruel for keeping that neck away from me at times
  • I want to start every day with a kiss on your neck, and end it in just the same way
  • If your neck happened to be my retreading den, I’d never want for anything more in this life
  • I’ve got an addiction for hugging that fair neck, because it always keeps me coming back for more
  • I slept peacefully last night, because I imagined your smooth neck propped up against my chest
  • I found happiness when I placed my head under your neck, and I never want to go back from this state ever again
  • Your shoulders are what keep my world from falling apart – my pillars of strength for when the night is dark
  • I’d love for you to place your hands around my shoulder, and to keep on dancing (even if the world should fall apart while we’re at it)

Focus on those Lovely Arms, Hands & Waist

  • You must be an expert catcher, for getting such a grip on my shifty heart
  • Your hands are a sight for my sore eyes
  • Your hands beautify this ring; not the other way around
  • You don’t need nail polish. Trust me, you’ve already got the perfect color
  • I want your hands to hold my future – because that’s where it will be secure
  • All the gold and diamonds in the world cannot hope to compete with the beauty of those fingers
  • I want to be your typewriter – so that you never have to press any key with those gentle hands
  • I want to dance while holding your waist, and keep swaying for all eternity
  • I never saw anything as fine as your slender waist
  • I stopped fantasizing when I saw your arms, and realized that reality could really be sweeter than fiction
  • I want to kiss your parents’ hands, because they made yours in that beautiful way I so adore
  • Without the touch of your hands, there can be no heaven for me
  • I want to hold your hands behind your waist, and be locked in an embrace for all time
  • No one should be allowed to look that good, but with you I think God made an exception
  • Your soothing touch is all the balm I need in this world
  • I like the way your bracelet gleams in the sun, and goes on to warm my heavy soul
  • You’ve got your hands locked on my heart, and I think it’ll stop beating if you let go now
  • I’d like to slip my ring on your finger someday, because that’s the only place where it’ll ever fit
  • When we’re married, I’ll take up cooking everyday – because hands like yours weren’t made for toiling over the stove
  • I like the way your thumb clutches my finger when we walk
  • I want to kiss your fingers – they’re my good luck charm for every day of the week
  • I want to be the thing that you fiddle your hands with, and I don’t care if your nails get stuck
  • Can we just hold hands and stop everything for a minute – because that’s what I really need to get through this day
  • My heart is putty in your hands, love – I just thought you should know that
  • Your touch poisoned me. I’ll probably never be the same way again
  • I just need your hands in mine – and I’ll happily let the world spin madly on
  • With our hands clasped together, I know that we can take on this world together – and overcome whatever it throws at us
  • I want to die in your arms tonight – and actually feel what it’s like to live for a change

And Pause on those Beautiful Feet (When You Get There)

  • With your feet on mine, let’s go travel the world – and still stay put in one place
  • Honey, your feet aren’t made for walking. What they’re made for is being worshipped
  • I’d wash your feet with rosewater and honeydew every single day – you only have to take your pick
  • I’d like to be the ground that you walk on, but try to put on less-pointy shoes please
  • I’m yours whenever your feet decide to bring you to me
  • The ground that you walk on is holy for me; just saying…
  • If your feet ever get tired of walking, know that I’ll be happy to carry you every step of the way
  • Your feet are fragrant; did I tell you that?
  • I want to see your feet run on the sand, so I can take pictures of every print you make (and decorate our future house with them)
  • Don’t let your feet ever walk out on me, as I know then that I won’t otherwise make it
  • I want to build an altar to God on every place that your feet fall – to thank Him for creating you
  • Your feet are the answer to every prayer I made, and I know that what God gives, He does not take back
  • If I could, I’d glue your feet to mine – and never let go. Sounds strange, but I’m only being honest about it
  • My heart beats with every step that you take, so don’t ever stop walking towards me
  • They should just build a memorial where we stand and kiss – they won’t find two lovers like us anywhere
  • Did you feel the world stop when we stood there and hugged; because like the song, that’s what the power of love is all about

These first-person pointers are just some of the ways you can talk your girlfriend into doing just about anything romantic with you. You don’t need to repeat them word-for-word, seeing as you’ll need to modify some parts (depending on the exact situation that you’re in).

Just remember to be completely calm and spontaneous when you say them, otherwise they’ll give off the vibe of being contrived or copied.

And if you’re on a date, or some other such heartfelt venture, we know that you don’t want anything (that can be resolved in advance) to rain on your parade in this way.

If you want to catch some stellar dating advice, and tips on how to woo your significant other (at any time of the day), then check out the many fun and happening articles published on this blog – preferably through a Spectrum Customer Service subscription.

We wish you Good Luck with your sweet heart!

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