Why are Cupcakes Always the Best Dessert?


Brisbane is one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. With so many fun things to do, many holidaymakers from different parts of the world choose the city. 

Aside from touring, some tourists hold their celebration in the city. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or a simple celebration of a job well done, Brisbane can offer you beautiful venues and fun activities to enjoy during the celebration. 

If you are being invited to a party in Brisbane, whether it is a potluck or tasked to bring something for dessert, you can always count on cupcakes. Everyone loves a piece of this cute cake, and if you don’t have enough time to bake some, you can always rely on cupcake delivery in Brisbane

Why are cupcakes so popular in parties? 

No need for the cake cutting 

During the birthday celebration, one person should be responsible for cutting a birthday cake. It sounds simple, but it could be stressful when the person responsible for cutting the cake wants to mingle with other people. 

Moreover, a plate of cake keeps people from socialising. If you are at a graduation or wedding party, it will look awkward to walk around and socialise while holding a plate of cake and a fork. You don’t have to deal with this if you are holding a piece of cupcake. 

There’s an equal size for everyone 

As the saying goes: nobody’s perfect. Cutting a cake doesn’t guarantee that everyone will get equal size. Little kids could cry about other kids having a larger piece. Having cupcakes instead of regular ones ensures that everyone in the room will get one. 

Furthermore, it is easier for health-conscious guests to control their sweets. Cupcakes make it easier to do portion control than having one large cake and doing your best to give everyone an equal share. 

There are frostings for everybody 

Another downside of a regular cake is the frosting. This is especially true if the cake is not rounded. Some will get the side and corner part with lots of frostings while most will have the middle part where only the top part has frosting. It could not be a big deal, but hey, everybody loves frostings! It is something that separates the cake from a slice of regular bread. 

By serving cupcakes, everyone will enjoy the same amount of frostings on their cake. Also, those who are cutting on sugar can easily remove it from the cake.

It comes in many flavours 

Well, regular cakes have many flavours; however, buying three or four different flavours could be expensive. It wouldn’t be a problem with cupcakes! They come in many flavours in one box. Everyone can enjoy the flavour they desire and no more kids crying, “mommy, I don’t want that chocolate cake!” 

Cupcakes are indeed the ideal treat to bring to a gathering or party. Moreover, it is easier to transport and does not take too much space in your car. If you don’t want to carry boxes of cupcakes on your way to the venue, you can have it right at the venue by taking advantage of cupcake delivery in Brisbane

This is why a cupcake is a top choice when it comes to dessert. It allows everyone to have an equal part with the flavour they love. Moreover, at the end of the party, there aren’t so many plates to clean!


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