5 Creative Things To Do In Portland, Oregon

Thinking of going out for a vacation in Portland? Wondering what creative to do in Portland, Oregon. With an unlimited number of fun activities available, you should rather be worried whether you will get to enjoy them all.

5 Creative Things To Do In Portland, Oregon

5 Creative Things To Do In Portland.

There’s more to Portland, Oregon than food trucks and hiking trails. If you are a person who loves nature and being adventurous, scroll through for 5 creative things to do in Portland, Oregon.

1. Play Classic Video Games At Ground Kontrol

Ground Kontrol offers heaven on earth kind of experience to gamers. Ground Kontrol will offer you a perfect spot to relive your childhood memories.

The place is stocked with 60 old school games and 27 pinball gaming equipment. Playing games the videos games with your kids will be a perfect opportunity to strengthen your bond with your kids.

2. Smoke Marijuana

smoking marijuana is among the weird things to do in Portland, Oregon.

You don’t have to be worried about the popos. Marijuana is legal in Portland. You don’t have to hide in the toilet to smoke a blunt.

As your friends opt for hiking, remain behind, roll a blunt and meditate through the beautiful sounds of birds. You can find dispensaries throughout the city.

Most importantly, don’t forget to dispose of it before crossing the border. Otherwise, you better be ready to hire yourself a lawyer.

3. Visit The Shanghai Tunnels

Shanghai tunnels will offer you a perfect opportunity to learn about the history of the city. You will get to see the tunnels that fascinated human trafficking.

The underground tunnels connect the Willamette River to the city’ downtown region. As a recap of history, the Shanghai tunnel didn’t only serve the purpose of connecting the two points but also as a storage location for slaves until they are sold.

Take a tour in the tunnels as you expand your history knowledge on Portland.

4. Spend A Night In A Haunted Hotel

Instead of spending a night in a five-star hotel, don’t you think it will be more fun in the Heathman hotel? Get to have a real-life experience of being haunted.

The hotel guests report of their belongings moving or getting lost mysteriously. The thought of walking deads creeping under your bed while sleeping will give chills that you are yet to experience in your life. Forget about the movie experience.

I will recommend you to room 803 and 1003.

5. Visit Powel’s Books.

If you are a reading enthusiast, get to read or shop for books at Portland’s landmark library.

Grab a drink from the coffee shop adjacent and stroll through the library perusing books. You might find a book that interests you and it. Or, you can sit and take a read.

The library has a cool environment with AC services providing a conducive environment for reading.

Final Word…

If you are visiting Portland, you have to be creative and engage in cool activities. Don’t limit yourself to food and hikes.

We have explored 5 creative things to do in Portland, Oregon. Consider attempting any of the above. You can also go overboard and improvise other activities.

Be creative.

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