Breathtaking Countries you Need to Visit in Africa

Visiting Africa gives the tourist so many beautiful countries to visit, each one with its own magical beauty, giving you inspiration to return to countries you may have not visited on your first, second or even third travelling experience to Africa. Africa is still one of the most loved travel destinations because it is filled with wildlife in abundance, various aquatic life and some of the world’s finest beaches and shorelines, the highest sand dunes and vast deserts, beautiful mountain ranges and of course the most friendly people. There is so much that Africa has to offer to the young or the more experienced traveller, hiker or mountain climber. Africa creeps into your soul as you discover all its hidden treasures. It will certainly have you returning time and again.  The economical situation allows you to get so much more out of your budget, this gives you the opportunity to do more, spend more and definitely experience more; giving you a headstart to ticking off those bucket list adventures!

1. São Tomé and Principe

São Tomé and Principe is situated in the gulf of Guinea, western Africa and is Africa’s smallest state.  For a group of family and friends, or a honeymoon couple, this is a perfect beach holiday for anyone wanting to get away from noisy and crowded beaches. The island is gifted with gorgeous and tranquil beaches where you can enjoy swimming, fishing and diving. One of the greatest sites for diving is Ilheu das Rolas, which is south of the Sao Tome Island. A rather exciting and popular experience is whale watching on the island, the best time is between the months of July and September and the most popular places to go are Ilha das Cabras and Lagoa Azul. Eager hikers will enjoy hiking through tropical jungles to arrive at the top of Pico de São Tomé, this is the highest point above sea level at 2024 metres and the island’s old volcano.

2. Swakopmund – Namibia

Swakopmund is a city located in the Namib Desert on the western coast. It is a beautiful clean city that keeps you spellbound with the beautiful desert sand dunes around you even though it’s a coastal beach location. The dunes can be rather spectacular as you can go to sleep and wake up and find a whole new landscape as the dunes have “moved”. Namibia is without a doubt a trip worth taking, and it’s highly recommended you stay in Swakopmund. If you are up to an adventure and loads of fun, take a trip to the high dunes where you can do dune karting, dune skiing, quad biking and sandboarding. In the past Swakopmund was known around as “little Bavaria” due to the culture of German inhabitants. There still is a huge part of the population that are German speaking but this does not take away the “African” feel to this country. It is rich in German heritage, with German colonial architecture and buildings dotted all over the town. The name Swakopmund means “Mouth of the Swakop”. Swakopmund has a comfortable climate, which gives relief to those who want to get away from the intense heat of the non-coastal interior towns in summer.  There are many activities to keep you wanting more and more adventures, there is hot air ballooning, deep sea fishing and shark fishing.  For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly grounded you can explore the Swakopmund Museum the Lighthouse, the Mole, which is an old sea wall or the popular landmark, the Swakopmund Jetty which was once made of wood, or the sophisticated Railway Station.

3. Botswana

Botswana is one of the finest travel destinations in Africa if you are wanting an amazing safari holiday. Botswana which borders South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, is one of the most  desired wilderness destinations in the world. Just mention the Okavango Delta and everyone is interested and wanting to learn more.  The Okavango Delta is found deep within the Kalahari, where you will encounter natural beauty, big game and lush vegetation at its finest. Journey to and explore the rock painting and villages of the Hambukushu, creative remnants of the San people.

4. Rwanda

Rwanda is East Africa’s mountainous paradise, and is a sanctuary for travellers that are enthusiastic wildlife connoisseurs. The “land of a thousand hills” is the nickname of Rwanda due to its beautiful mountain landscapes and famous Volcanoes National Park, which is home to golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. There is no guessing why this park is the most visited park in the country, as it is home to 6 active volcanoes and 3 that are now extinct. You will also get to experience the outstanding tracking safari and catch sight of the majestic mountain gorillas. On the shoreline of Lake Kivu you can enjoy beach sports, boat tours, kayaking and fishing. Coffee and tea is the country’s biggest export. Tea leaves and blue skies and sunshine create a gorgeous contrast as they decorate mountain tops.  Tours to the Tea plantations can be arranged to various locations across Rwanda, including Sorwathe Guesthouse and Tea Tours.

5. South Africa

South Africa has 9 Provinces, each province has its own attraction and reason to holiday in one or all of them. If you are looking for a great holiday no matter the season, South Africa has the climate that allows you to holiday anytime of the year and have an adventure of a lifetime. South Africa offers the best in nature, mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving, fishing, shark cage dives, whale watching, fauna and flora, diverse vegetation, numerous lagoons, beautiful coastal beaches and lakes, safari tours and of course the famous Big 5. Table Mountain and the beautiful wine farms of the Cape will capture your heart.  There is so many historical monuments that can be visited, such as the Castle, Taal Monument, Robben Island to name just a few.  Take a trip along the Garden Route and head down to Plettenberg Bay or any of the towns along the way, the Garden Route which also leads to the Eastern Cape is known for its many hidden gems which can only be discovered if you are taking a scenic drive and you stop along the way and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.

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