How Does Our Contemporary Lifestyle Affect Ageing When It Comes To Memory Loss?


Ageing is a process that we will all go through and its effects cannot be avoided by anyone. Nevertheless, our lifestyle can change the way we age and it appears that the modern world had that effect.

If we take a look back in history we can see that the conditions have improved greatly. Back then it was quite uncommon to make it to an old age, while nowadays there are plenty of elderly people that are also very active and involved in many activities.

If we take a look at memory loss, we can see that it changes as well. Our current world has better technology and medicine and this is something that can be noticed even when it comes to the state of our mind.

How to improve your memory

As it turns out, memory is also something that can be enhanced in time, as long as a person is really determined to do that. For example, certain mental exercises can be quite useful when it comes to improving the memory, and the effects can last in time. Try doing a crossword puzzle, or learning something new like a new language or playing an instrument.

Meditation, breathing practices and even taking walks can all improve your memory and help you remember things better. Educating yourself is also important. Whether we are talking about online classes, reading books or watching documentaries, everything can help your neural connections.

A healthier lifestyle can also prove to be really helpful. It is very important that you eat properly and that you have a healthy sleeping program. Your brain needs to be treated properly in order to function correctly.

However, your brain is not the only thing you should take care of. Your body is also important. Constant exercise can also help you boost your mental abilities. Try to exercise as often as you can in order to improve blood circulation and help your brain function properly.

Nevertheless, there might be more serious problems like Alzheimer’s disease, and in this case there is not much you can do. However, you can make the effects less serious as long as you go a neurologist as soon as you observe the first symptoms. You can find more information with this senior health and safety guide.

Why does memory loss occur?

Memory loss happens because of the decreased blood flow to the brain, as well as the hormonal changes and the deterioration of the hippocampus. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that the fact that seniors generally dislike learning new things or socializing also affects their memory.

Elderly persons should learn that their age should not be a limit for them. Hobbies can be pursuit at any age, and there are plenty of examples where 70-year-olds continued to do what they love, whether we are talking about extreme sports or getting a brand new job. Keeping your brain busy is one way of keeping it happy.


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