Choosing the Perfect Wine for Every Occasion

Special occasions cannot be celebrated without everyone’s favourite drinks – be it wine, champagne, or a bottle of beer. But of all these liquor, wine holds a special place in our hearts because they provide an eclectic effect. After all, they are cheery, warm, and classy.

Looking for the right one for every occasion though is not something everyone perfects. One way of bringing out the best of every event is getting the right vibe with hefty selections from Annandale Cellars which holds some of the best wines and spirits in New South Wales and the nearby regions. 

A Survival Guide to Picking the Right Wine

Wine pairing is not just a concept invented for the well-to-do, but it is one critical protocol followed by connoisseurs and people who’d like to make the right food ensemble. Though not everyone can perfect wine pairing, it is an art that can be quickly learned and picked up. 

Remember that wine affects your palate, and appetizing your food is something you want to achieve with every sip. So, therefore, a nice glass of reds or sparkling from Annandale Cellars, bring out the flavours to your food and feast.

  • Special Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and any occasion in between is perfect with the right wine to go hand-in-hand. If you are having a huge platter of turkey, a slice of ham, barbeque, grilled sausage, or steak, pair it with a delicious bottle of Sancerre rose wine. 

For starters, turkey and salty meat can be quite good with a lively and fruity bottle of Francois Cotat Sancerre Rose. It offers a silky and fruity texture that complements the taste of home-cooked turkey. 

  • Family Gatherings. Great family celebrations are not complete without the right bottle of wine. Highlight the event with a van de table to remove the awkwardness of the occasion. 

Have a bottle of Scorpio Pinot Noir or Maude Pinot Noir at the table, and your guests will mellow down with the California red flavours. The even-tempered taste of its medium-dry and earthly tones bring a wonderful addition to the palatability of your banquet. 

  • Everyday Brisket Meals. Brisket and meat cut meals can be perfectly combined with the full-bodied texture of a Syrah wine. Meadowbank Nouveau, the Frederick Stevenson, or Domaine Houillon Cotes du Rhone Grenache are perfect for bringing the brisket flavours out.  

Syrah wine complements the rich, savoury, and heavy tastes of meat cuts with its equally bright and fruity flavours. The full-bodied texture of the wine gives the meat a delightful feeling which adds to the intensity of your dining experience.

Essential Tips When Choosing Your Everyday Wine 

Choosing wine from a list of restaurant menus is always excruciating when you do not know which one to select. Remember that good wines do not always come with a price and there are a couple of genuinely good bottles. The only thing you need to consider is distinguishing one from one that is being offered.

When dining outside, everyone knows how painstaking it is to browse through the menu for the appropriate wine to complement your dinner. It won’t be a problem when you ask for help, and it is better to get advice from the waiter.

It also won’t hurt to let them know how much you can afford and if you’ve had a special drink that you’ve particularly liked. Choosing wine over other forms of glass not only brings the best in your meals but also completes the whole dining experience.


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