Changing the term masculinity

masculinity – Jon Anthony

Jon Anthony, a famous blogger, is changing the dating game with his book “7 strategies to develop your masculinity”.

Jon, among other things, is a fitness, lifestyle, dating, and fitness coach, who has already cultivated a dedicated fan base on the internet. His book, “7 strategies to develop your masculinity” aims to be the messiah for men’s dating-game. The dating coach gives 7 ways on how to score any women they want. Starting with developing the “masculine process”, Jon talks about ways to understand one’s inner strengths, expertise, and passion to lay out a life that results in more happiness and even more women.

The dating coach further lays out 6 more strategies aiming to develop men and their manhood. The book has garnered positive reviews from different men wanting to turn their life around.

“Girls can literally just SMELL the extra testosterone in me now.” Writes Wisconsin man who goes by the handle ‘Shane Grayson’. ​”After using strategy #2, everything else in my life magically seemed to fall into place. I developed more confidence from just a few weeks of using this strategy, than in the past 5 years of my life combined. Now, women come up to ME and start talking to ME! This has NEVER happened EVER before in my entire life, so I’m convinced it was your program! Thanks so much, Jon!!! You’ve got a follower for life now.” He added.



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