Top Causes of Breast Cancer And Risk Factors

As per the study, 2 out of 10 women tend to have breast cancer in their lifetime. Some get it detected in the earlier stages while others have higher risk factors. The development of breast cancer in the body is mainly the combination of genes and bodies, lifestyle, choices and its peripherals. Nothing is in your hands that you can change with the passing age, born as a woman and your family genetics. But then there are certain changes which can be a boon in disguise to your life.

causes of breast cancer

Causes of breast cancer

  1. The professionals do know that the cause of breast cancer is when there are certain breast cells which tend to grow abnormally. These particular cells tend to get divided faster than the healthier ones and continue to accumulate. That further creates a lump or a small on the skin. The cells might tend to spread throughout breast to the lymph nodes as well as the other parts of your body.

2. The commencement of breast cancer occurs mainly with the cells in the milk-producing ducts. It might also begin in the glandular tissue called lobules or within the other tissues in the breast.

3. Studies and researches have showcased that the environmental, lifestyle and hormonal factors have heightened the risks of causing breast cancer. But then there are certain people who without have development in any factors as such, tend to have cancer. It is more likely that the cause of breast cancer is mainly due to the combination of the environment and the genetic makeup.

4. Though it is still not clear in delving into the aspect of the causes of breast cancer the risk still lingers. Women suffering from higher risks do not face cancer while who do not does. There are different factors leading to the growing age or maybe your family that has a history of breast cancer.

5. If women who are suffering from benign breast lumps, or the ones who have had a sudden growth in the ovaries or had cancer previously, tend to have increased chances of having breast cancer.

6. If you are the one whose blood relations like your mother, daughter or sister have had breast cancer can one of the causes of breast cancer. It is noticed that genes are mostly the cause of the development of cancer. These genes are stated as BRCA1 and BRCA2.

7. Around 1 in entire 200 women carries such kind of genes. Acquiring such is leading to one of the causes of breast cancer. But that might not be sure at the same time. It might or might not occur in her.

8. Women over the age of 50 years tend to get breast cancer than the ones who are younger. As per the statistical theory, mostly women before the age of their menopause tend to get affected by the cause of breast cancer.

9. There is a direct dependable state between breast cancer and hormones. Professionals who are studying on this factor have been of the idea that the women who are exposed more to the estrogen hormone, are likely to garner the cause of breast cancer. The cells of estrogen tend to divide and that grows rapidly in an abnormal way which might lead to the pathway of causing cancer.

10. The exposure to estrogen and progesterone is like a roller coaster ride and gets influenced during the period of starting and stopping of her menstruating system. The main risk of causing breast cancer in a woman increasing if she gets her periods before the age of 12 years, tend to have her first baby after the age of 30, gains menopause at 55, or has a periodic cycle shorter or longer than the average days.

11. Women who tend to take birth control pill also have the increasing chances of acquiring the cause of breast cancer. The risk does not ponder if you stopped taking birth control pills for straight long 10 years without a break.

  • Studies have stated that taking up hormone replacement therapy for menopause with the combination of estrogen and progestin might higher the chances of causing breast cancer. A heavy dose of radiation therapy can also be one of the causes.

Inherited Breast Cancer

  • As per the estimated study by the doctors, 5 out of 10 per cent of the breast cancers are directly linked to genetical mutations. That is gradually carried on throughout the living generation of the family.
  • A number of inherited mutated genes tend to higher the chances for the cause of breast cancer. As stated above, the most well-known genes are gene 1 that is BRCA1 and gene 2 that is BRCA2. These two genes tend to increase the risk factor for both breast and ovarian cancer.
  • If you do have a history of your family had breast cancer or another type of cancer, there are higher chances of your doctor to ask you to perform a blood test. This actually helps them to identify the mutation that has been passed to your genes.
  • Take the help of your doctor and get in consultation with a genetic counsellor who will be able to review the health history of your family. It is the genetic counsellor who will be letting you know about the risks, limitations and benefits of genetic testing as well as let you take the right decision for your healthy living.


What is the risk involved due to the cause of breast cancer in Women?

The main cause of breast cancer that leading to higher risks can be highly dangerous. Having one or many risk factors increase the chances of the development of breast cancer. Here are certain factors that are assembled to let you know about the increasing risks of developing breast cancer.

  • Cause of breast cancer is mainly like to hit more in women than men.
  • The risk of having breast cancer increases as you grow older with time.
  • If you ever had a biopsy of your breast where if you find lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) or atypical hyperplasia of the breast, it might be one of the factors for the cause of breast cancer.
  • If you ever had breast cancer in one breast before, there are chances for you to have the same in the other. Though, it is not always mandatory.
  • If any of your blood relation women have had breast cancer in their early ages, you have the chances of breast cancer. As per the majority, people with breast cancer do not mainly have that family history.
  • Exposure to radiation for a longer period or treatment to the chest when you were a child, can be one of the factors for the cause of breast cancer.
  • Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • If you never had been pregnant there are higher chances of you to develop breast cancer.
  • Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of breast cancer.

Sign And Symptoms of Breast cancer

Know all the sign & symptoms of breast cancer in our article Symptoms of Breast Cancer.

Final Words –

There is still an ongoing debate between diet and breast cancer. As mentioned above, obesity and drinking alcohol on a regular note can be one of the causes of promoting cancer to your body. Again there are studies that state that the diets that are high on fat might also be the cause of breast cancer. Before anything worse happens, it is always better to go for a thorough whole body checkup regularly to be well updated with the healthy condition of the body.

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