Car Insurance For 18 Year Old

When a boy or girl reaches 18 years of age, he/she is legally termed as an adult person. It is mandatory all over the world that all adults should have valid car insurance if they want to drive a four-wheeler. The young people need to buy auto insurance as soon as they start learning driving, even before receiving the driver’s license. There are different types of coverage offered to the 18-year olds, as car insurance is likely to be a bit expensive for them. Hence, their parents or guardians need to check all aspects while buying auto insurance policies for these young men and women, for which they should go through

How much is car insurance for an 18-year old

Usually, the car insurance cost for an 18-year old person ranges between $2200 and $2500 per annum throughout the USA. However, the insurance cost for male drivers is likely to be more than that for female drivers. This is because the young male drivers are found to cause more accidents due to rash driving, compared to their female counterparts.  The insurance companies need to bear larger amounts of expenses due to the greater numbers of accidents occurred due to the negligence of these young male drivers. So these companies have elevated the premium rates for the auto insurance of cars driven by these boys.


However, the premiums are supposed to go down every year, with the increase in age of the insured drivers. The premium rates can further decrease if these young drivers maintain an accident-free record of driving since they were insured. Hence, averagely the 19-year old male drivers are found to pay around $2000 per year while the female drivers of the same age need to pay approximately $1000 every year for their car insurance.

Cheap car insurance company for an 18-year old

  • GEICO offers the cheapest car insurance for 18-year old young men and women. The average premium amount offered by this company is less than $1000, which is the lowest among all other auto insurance companies in the USA.
  • Progressive Corporation is another insurance company that offers the second cheapest premium rate, which is less than $1250. As it is a large insurance provider, teenagers get many options to choose from while buying insurance plans for their cars.
  • Liberty Mutual is another renowned insurer of the USA that offers very cheap premium rates for an 18-year old boy or girl. It offers many discounts that further lower the insurance costs and also rewards young drivers with clean records, by decreasing their premium amounts.
  • Allstate Insurance is a renowned insurer that encourages teens to drive cars safely on roads. So it offers affordable auto insurance for 18-year old men and women, who are enthusiastic to drive on their own to their colleges or workplaces.


How to save on car insurance at the age of 18

  • The cost of the car driven by a teenager and recognized driving course undertaken by the young driver are two major factors affecting the auto insurance premiums. Car insurance can be lower for cheaper vehicles and vice versa.
  • Moreover, teenage boys and girls can save money by attaching their auto insurance with that of their parents’ car insurance plans. This facility is applicable to those youngsters who stay with their parents and drive their family cars, instead of cars registered in their names.
  • The auto insurance premiums depend on the driving experience of young drivers, as some teenagers start driving cars from the age of 14 – 15 with the learner’s driving permit.  The premium amount of that 18-year old driver can be lowered if he/she already has 2 – 4 years of driving experience.
  • The clean driving record of a teenager also plays a vital role in lowering his/her premium amount, by the time he/she reaches the age of 18. On the contrary, the numbers of tickets for violating traffic rules are sure to increase his/her car insurance premium.
  • The costs of various auto insurance plans should be compared before purchasing a suitable one, to save money on its annual premium. Now, all insurance companies offer quotes

The teenagers and their parents should consult the website of reputed insurance brokers and is an ideal platform for finding the cheapest auto insurance for 18-year olds. They only need to put in their zip codes and age of the insured person, to get free quotes from different insurance companies. So it is easier to choose car insurance plans that will suit their financial capacities.

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