Can You Make Money Betting on Both Teams?

Make Money Betting

Sports betting is one of the most complex fields of gambling and players employ dozens of different strategies in an effort to improve their bottom line. Some of these strategies for Make Money Betting are successful some are not.

However, one strategy is known to be 100% successful and that is betting on both teams, also called arbitrage betting or sure betting.

 In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about arbitrage betting and how to incorporate this betting strategy into your betting arsenal.

What are betting strategies?

Betting strategy is the name for different methods and approaches sports bettors use in an effort to make money from sports betting. The success of these strategies largely depends on the persons who are implementing them.

You see most of the betting strategies work in a vacuum but in the real world, there are too many factors that bettors need to consider to make applying these strategies worthwhile.

For example, some strategies work on paper but require excessive amounts of money to be implemented correctly. Others require players to spend too much time researching, investigating, and tracking.

However, one of the strategies that require some but not too much time and money is arbitrage betting.

What is arbitrage betting?

To explain what arbitrage betting is we must first explain the process of odds shopping.

Odds shopping is a term used to describe the act of using multiple bookmakers to find the best odds and place bets.

Arbitrage betting is the term used to describe the activity of odds shopping with the goal of finding odds that make betting on all possible outcomes profitable.

Sure betting might have the term betting in its name but in reality, sure bets are all about math and not gambling.

To make a sure bet, players place a bet on one outcome at an online bookmaker and then place a bet on the opposite outcome on a different bookmaker. Of course, to do this they first have to find the right match. These opportunities are very rare because it doesn’t take long for bookmakers to adjust their odds.

How does sure betting work?

To help you understand how sure betting works, we have prepared a step-by-step guide with an example.

Arbitrage betting step by step:

  1. Go odds shopping and look for a game that has different odds on at least two betting sites
  2. Calculate how much money you need to place on each outcome to be profitable
  3. Place the bets with the calculated amounts on both bookmakers without too much time spent between the bets
  4. Wait for the game to play out and get your profit

Example of an arbitrage bet:

Let’s say you went odds shopping and found a game that has different prices on betting site A and betting site B.

The match you found is a cricket match and the market in question is the 2-way full-time result.

Site A offers the following odds:

Market Team 1 Team 2
2-way full-time result 1.66 2.10


Site B offers completely different odds:

Market Team 1 Team 2
2-way full-time result 2.05 1.72


To make an arbitrage bet you need to calculate how much money you need to place on both outcomes to have a profitable bet. As this example is pretty straightforward so is the math.

As you can see if you place the same amount of money on Team 2 at Site A and on Team 1 at Site B you will have a profitable bet. The calculation is as follows:

You place $1000 on Team 2 at Bookmaker A and the potential returns are $2100.

You place $1000 on Team 1 at Bookmaker B and the potential returns are $2050.

Your total investment is $2000 and in the worst-case scenario you will win $2050 and you could also win $2100. So whoever wins you will make a profit and that is exactly what arbitrage betting is all about.

Just looking to have fun?

But if you feel overwhelmed with all the strategy talk and you just want to have some fun while you watch your favourite betacular cricket live India games, then in-play betting is the right thing for you.

In-play betting allows you to place bets on cricket matches long after they started. This gives players an opportunity to see in which direction the match is going before they place bets.

Live betting is taking the world of betting by storm thanks to its availability and special betting dynamics.


Betting is a great way to create additional income, but it’s an even better way to have fun and invest yourself more in the games you watch. For all of the exciting betting offers you can visit Parimatch.






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