Myth Busted! Cakes Are Actually Good for Health


We know, every time you raise a slice of your favourite cake, it fills you with guilty pleasure. You sacrifice so much to attain much desired shape but the moment you come across something so delectable and mouth-watering as a cake, all your resolutions take a back seat and you find yourself delving in the luscious layers of the cake.

Cakes are long known for topping the list of “Unhealthy Food” due to their low nutritional profile but what if we told you cakes do a lot of good to your body. It’s time you keep your myths at bay and plunge into your favourite cake right away not just because they are delicious but CAKES ARE ACTUALLY GOOD FOR HEALTH.

Here are some health benefits of cake we want you to read before you rush to grab one.

1Cakes can make you Slim

It is suggested by experts across the world that those struggling to lose weight can have a sneaky breakfast pudding and that can lower the chances of piling the kilos to your body. But make sure to have it in the morning as a part of your 600 calorie breakfast and not in your afternoon lunch slot. Morning metabolism is said to be more active.

2Cakes can Beat Depression

Both baking and eating a cake helps you battle any kind of mental illness. According to many research across the world, baking actually acts as a therapy and helps to fight off depression. And especially if it is a chocolate cake, its dark chocolate content significantly reduces stress levels if it is eaten everyday for two weeks.

3The Inevitable Nutrient Value

Every cake, in controlled doses, has some nutrient value. Chocolate cake? Chocolate-y antioxidants! Fruit Cake? Protein, Iron, Fibre! Coffee Walnut Cake? Omega 3 Oil-y walnuts.  Cakes containing fibre help to improve digestion and reduce the risk of heart strokes and hypertension. There’s not one cake that is doing “too bad” to your body. Each one has its own advantages.

4Veggie Cakes are Delicious

Vegetable cakes is not a new concept. Carrot cakes and naturally sweet vegetables like parsnip, beetroot etc can conveniently be categorised as “healthy cakes”. A good way, indeed, to satisfy your vegetable quota and add an equal part of flavour and health benefits into your indulgence.

5Connecting Over Cake

Cakes are traditionally, a food of celebration, friendship and joy. Any happy occasion marks its beginnings by cutting a cake. Cakes signify connection. It is scientifically proven that eating a cake and sharing it with someone can build bonds of friendship and symbolise togetherness.

6For All the Energy You Need

Carbohydrates are energy giving foods. The sugar and flour that is contained in the cake gives us the much needed energy that you require to function well.  Fats contained in the cake are good sources of energy but they come with an obvious disclaimer: Too much fat causes obesity.

7Body Building and Strength

Cakes contain eggs and milk is good source of proteins. Proteins help to build strong muscles and bones and thus, the intake of these cakes helps in building strong muscles and bones.

8Improves Blood Flow

Cakes containing dark chocolates have an antioxidant named flavonol that prevents damage caused by oxidation process taking place in the body. This antioxidant improves blood flow by stimulating the production of Nitric Oxide that leads to arteries relaxation.  This, further, helps to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

9Cakes for Warmth and Energy

Don’t blame the cake for unwanted curves because the fats and oils produced through shortening and frosting are also an excellent source of energy and warmth for body heat and energy during cold months.

With so many health benefits of cake, you can guiltlessly indulge in the sweet treat and choose to send some delicious delight to your loved ones by opting for trusted bakery that makes online cake delivery on all occasions with prompt and hassle free services.

Myth Busted! Cakes Are Actually Good for Health
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