Blinds – Made To Measure VS Standard Sizes


Before you buy yourself a lovely new set of blinds, you have a big decision to make, do you buy made to measure blinds or standard pre-cut blinds? You need to know before you buy your blinds as each option has it’s own pros and cons which you should consider before spending your hard earned cash.

A made to measure blind, is well a blind that’s made to the size of your measurements. So you measure your window space and give the measurements over to the blinds retailer and they will make a blind to your exact measurements.

Whereas, a standard pre-cut blind is a blind that has been pre-made to various standard window sizes, like Venetian blinds usually aremeaning that you can simply buy the blind off the shelf rather than ordering one to be made to your measurements.

Now that we’re on the same page and know the basic differences between a made to measure blind and a standard pre-cut blind, let’s take a quick deep dive into the pros and cons of both, starting with made to measure blinds.

Made To Measure Blinds

For made to measure blinds, there are plenty of pro’s mostly revolving around the fact they are made specifically for your windows rather than standard sizes for blinds.

-Made to measure blinds will always fit your windows better as they have been made to the size of your windows.

-Made to measure blinds are often made with higher quality materials and parts than standard pre-cut blinds, which makes them more durable and less likely to pick up wear and tear.

-With made to measure blinds, you often have a greater choice of colours and patterns for your blinds when compared to standard pre-cut blinds.

-As these blinds are made to measure, it can be easier to find made to measure blinds for large windows than standard blinds, which often have limited options for bigger sizes.

However, that’s not to say that there are no drawbacks to made to measure blinds, while there are plenty of pro’s they do have a few con’s.

-As made to measure blinds are made to order, it can sometimes take a while for them to be made and delivered to you.

-Made to measure blinds are more often than not more expensive than standard pre-cut blinds as each blind is made to order and all bespoke sizes.

-Made to measure blinds may be more complicated to install than a standard pre-cut blind.

Standard Pre-Cut Blinds

Standard pre-cut blinds, while not always the same level of quality as made to measure blinds do have their own pros.

-Standard pre-cut blinds can be bought straight off the shelf, allowing you to buy your blinds on the day and not need to wait for them to be manufactured.

-Standard pre-cut blinds are often cheaper to buy than made to measure blinds, as they’re mass produced rather than being made to order.

-Standard pre-cut blinds are often very simple to install when compared to made to measure blinds.

However, these standard pre-cut blinds also have their own drawbacks and cons which may make you think twice before purchasing one.

-As these blinds are pre-cut, there’s no guarantee they’ll fit in your window and you may need to cut the blind to be smaller in order to fit into your window.

-Standard pre-cut blinds are often mass produced and make of cheaper materials than made to measure blinds, which may reduce the lifespan of the blind itself.

-Generally, standard pre-cut blinds have a limit selection of colours and patterns available, whereas made to measure blinds generally have a lot of options.


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