30 Amazing Facts About Bill Gates

facts about bill gates

His billions do not attract us, but his creation surely does. Microsoft! What else can you call it other than a “creation”?

My legend himself quoted, ” Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

Nobody thought about it when he did and now, at every single home, at every office or commercial places, educational places, you use his creation. Microsoft is the most sought-after and most useful operating system in the world and almost everyone, no matter at which corner of the world the person stays, uses it. Certainly, you can counter the statement by naming Linux, Mac, as well as Android, but for your PC, you still use Microsoft Operating system, as it is way more user-friendly than its contemporaries.

Born on 28th October 1955, William Henry Gates III prepared himself mentally at an early age that he wants to become a billionaire. And within a decade his hard work paid off. Here is a list of the most common Bill Gates facts which we all have come across –

  • He is the second richest man in the word after Jeff Bezoz.
  • Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he is known to be the top-class generous philanthropist.
  • And last but not the last, the real founder of the biggest tech companies in the world, he is the father of Microsoft.

However, this article is not about Microsoft Windows but about its creator, Bill Gates. Here you may learn 30 facts about Bill Gates that many of you were unaware of.

facts about bill gates

30 Interesting Bill Gates Facts

1. One of the hilarious Bill Gates facts is that he has always been keen about computers and coding. But during his school days, he was known to be one of the naughtiest among the lot. When the school understood the ability of Gates for coding, he was asked to schedule programs for students in classes. But he has different thoughts in mind. He had the habit to hack the computers of the school to get a place among the girls. “Sober yet Clever trickster!”

2. According to sources, Bill Gates completed his studying at The Lakeside School, only because this school had a computer. That is where he garnered the passion for computers and coding. Had it been not it, this visionary entrepreneur had been a scientist. Being the genius in the computer, Gates scored 1590 out of 1600 in his SAT examination.

3. Bill Gates went for his higher studies to Harvard University. While he was studying in Harvard University, he constated to the professor that by the age of 30 to 31, he would become a billionaire. And that states the world is round, he indeed broke the barriers of monotony and lived his dreams.

4. Being a college dropout in 1975, Bill Gates chose to take his own pathway, the journey to becoming the billionaire. He got in collaboration with one of his friends and commenced with a small startup which they named “Micro-soft”. And guess what? Later the hyphen fell off and rest you know well! But after 30 years of being the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates got the opportunity to be honored with the Doctor of Laws Degree and that is when he graduated.

5. Post his college dropout days, Gates was arrested in New Mexico. Nearly at the age of 21, he got arrested for speeding in his Porsche 911 and also breaking the red light. But later, he was bailed as he submitted his wallet full of cash. That huge glee and smirk on his face seemed to be unforgettable.

6. There are another interest Bill Gates Facts where before the commencement of Microsoft, Bill and Paul Allen’s first venture was to create Traf-O-Data This was a company that was built on Intel 8008 processor to formulate traffic counters.

7. During the phase of 1997, Gates was pressured by Steve Jobs to invest $150 million into Apple stocks. During that time, Steve had the faith that Apple would be under Microsoft if Microsoft did not have “a stake in our success.” But when Steve Jobs accused Bill Gates of stealing his idea, Gates, holding his charismatic persona stated “Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.” But it is known that Bill Gates had left a letter to side Steve’s bed during his last days.

8. Being one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates is known to be a huge taxpayer. Every year he nearly pays $1 million property taxes for his huge domicile which costs nearly $125 million. He is also known to be quite richer than any other countries in the world. Had he been a country, he would be the 65th richest country in the world. Not only this, Bill gates stated that by the year, 2035, no countries would be poor ever.

8. His house is just so unique and majestic as him. Each one of his guests is handed over a pen with which they can control different proceedings inside the house. The adjustment of the pen is done as per the preferences of the guest. It has the ability to automatically control the room temperature, lighting, and many other things. The formulation and implementation of his huge mansion nearly took 8 years whose worth is now as double or maybe even triple during the time of the construction.

10. Even the wedding of Bill Gates was as amazing and unique as it could be. During the time of his wedding, he made sure that the privacy of his and his wife is maintained. And for that, the booked every single room and suite of the hotel. Not only this, he even chartered every single helicopter close on to the Hawaiian Island of Lanai.

11. During an auction of 1994, he highly fell heals overhead for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Leicester which he owned with 30 million dollars. And he also made it openly available to Windows Vista version.

12. During the initial years of his company, Bill Gates was known to review every single code and lines of the code before being delivered. Slowly, he gained the reputation of being one of the strongest and fierce competitions in the industry. He was known to be not reachable over phone call neither would return calls.

13. During a scheduled interview, Bill Gates revealed that Control-Alt-Delete key combination is a huge mistake when it comes to logging in to a PC.

14. Another most hilarious Bill Gates Facts is that he was being questioned by an interviewer, as to why was he not on Facebook but highly active over Twitter. To which he replied, Mark Zuckerberg has been his very good friend and the friend request seems to go out of hand.

15. If you talk about Bill Gates daily income, it seems to be way beyond counting stars. In the most authentic sense, a money machine showcased that Gates makes nearly richest 250-300 dollars per second, 15000-2000 dollars a minute and nearly 25 million dollars every day.

16. Not only this, the media also went on to hunt for a new name for him. “centibilionaire” is the word that they discovered after knowing his net value in the year 1999 which nearly crossed 101 billion dollars.

17. In 2010, Bill Gates is known to donate more than 36,854,000,000 dollars of his lifetime. Now, this is even more than half of his current net worth. He has donated more to charities which stands on number 8 on Forbes Rich List.

18. Being an outstanding philanthropist, Billa Gates has pledged to donate all his money to the charity after his death. He is only to leave behind 10 million dollars each for his children and rest goes to the upliftment of the charity.

19. Sources tend to reveal another interest fact about Bill Gates is that he is offering nearly $100,000 to the scientists who will have the ability to invent Next Generation Condom. That means this condom will have the power to preserve and enhance pleasure in the way to the improvement of the uptake and for regular use.

20. Back in 2006, the IRS used to have a special computer for the calculation of taxes for Bill Gates. He is known to be the richest man of the world for consecutively 13 long years.

21. Due to his exposure and recognition for his charity across the globe, in 2005, Gates was knighted by the Queen Elizabeth of England with the KBE order. But due to his American Citizenship, he is not allowed to use the title “Sir”.

22. Along with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet plays Bridge which both have pledged for around 1 million dollars for the promotion of it in schools.

23. An idea clicked in the mind of Bill Gates when he wanted to help the underdeveloped countries for the prevention of Malaria cause due to mosquito-spread. For that, a device was invented where the machine had the capacity to kill 100 mosquitoes per second to 100 feet away with the use of Blue laser and infrared motion censoring.

24. Bill Gates purchased all entire right to Feynman Lectures so that could annotate them and make it available to the world. This occurrence took place in the year, 2009.

25. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, the generic silhouette outline placeholder picture is originally the Mug Shot of Bill Gates.

26. Having a super keen interest in AI, Bill Gates always mentions that he is the part of the camp that is involved in the proceedings of super intelligence. Another notable fact is that that camp included the superhumans of science and technology that included Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.

27. One of another interesting fact about Bill Gates is that he is a keen bibliophile. To be precise enough, he is an avid reader. He reads nearly 50 books a year. He places his views that reading is one of such forms of his hobbies where he not only garners knowledge but also gets the opportunity to test his skills.

28. One of the biggest regrets that Bill Gates said to have in his entire life is that he doesn’t know any other foreign language apart from English.

29. At Microsoft,  Bill Gates had the mindset to memorize all the employee’s number plates license to track the record of their working spree. Later, as the number of employees kept rising, he ought to lose his count.

30. Speaking of his hobbies, Bill Gates is a huge lover of Porsche. No wonder of his count of Porsche collection. One of the head turners is his Porsche 959 sports car. He originally purchased the car 13 years before it was approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Transportation.


Talking about the lists and facts of Bill Gates, the list will be never-ending. He is one such creator who has changed the entire concept of the virtual world. No wonder, he the creator of such a formula which is a boon to every one of our lives.


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