Betting on eSports rather than Sports

Betting on the eSports

Sports betting has been around for a long time. Today, some new forms of betting start gaining popularity. At, you can find a wide range of bookmakers who offer various Betting on the eSports market. Is it better than traditional sports betting? Let’s try to figure it out.

Reasons for Choosing eSports Betting

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that eSports is turning into a hot trend. With that in mind, you should know all good reasons why eSports is better than traditional sports Betting on the eSports. Here they are:

  • eSports Betting is Easier and Cheaper Than Sports Betting. 

If you place a bet on an NBA basketball match and you want to see the gameplay, you can either attend the game in person or pay for a TV subscription service. As you can see, this interest of yours makes you spend pretty much time and money on it. Meanwhile, eSports matches are streamed live on Twitch and YouTube free of charge. You have an extensive range of eSports events to choose from, so you definitely won’t be bored.

  • eSports Betting Can Be Innovative and Entertaining.

Bookmakers who manage eSports bets make things super easy. With clearly indicated odds, it won’t be difficult for you to find and select your markets. Some bookmakers offer extra features such as a mobile app or automatic notifications to boost the eSports bettor’s experience. At the same time, traditional betting happens to be more static by offering the same markets over and over again.

  • eSports Enthusiasts Can Be Better Informed

Bookmakers always know new things to bet on. When it comes to traditional betting, you won’t have a specialist who has detailed knowledge on this or that particular bet. Bookmakers have many years of experience providing odds on various markets, so they know how to be useful for you.

  • eSports Deals with a Less Changeable Environment Than Sports

In some betting markets for football or basketball, you have to deal with the same teams and tournaments over and over again. However, in the eSports market, developers tend to make updates, change characters skills, and offer new events. This means that the range of teams and individuals changes from one eSports season to another. As a result, it can affect the odds you will get even for matches between the same two teams. This kind of flexibility will make your betting activities even more delightful.

  • eSports is in the Process of Development

You can hardly expect some innovations from the sector of traditional sports. Meanwhile, eSports market is still in the process of development. Multiple apps, betting platforms, eSports games, and online tournaments are only some of the innovative approach.

  • Technologic Aspect of eSport won’t Turn a Winning Bet into a Failure

One of the most frustrating things for sports followers is VAR technology that affects a payout on their bet. While you may score later on in the game, but equally, you may also miss something due to VAR. In the world of eSports, there is no equivalent to VAR. Thus, you won’t be confused with the sequence of actions as they will determine the success of their bets without any additional interference.

Bottom Line

The worst thing about traditional betting is that sports bets can lose as a result. Meanwhile, this kind of frustration can hardly be experienced in eSports as there is no human aspect involved in the game itself. Of course, traditional football or basketball betting is still very popular, but Betting on the eSports is quickly growing in popularity. This is something you should remember next time when you decide to make a bet.


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