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Feeling safe is always a concern for us, it may simply be when walking back to your car in the parking garage and suddenly you are the only person there, or leaving the office late due to deadlines and the building is empty. We want to know that nothing is going to happen and for this, we need to think about protection. Read on further to know about the best security guard services and security company in Canada.

Yes, there are options of carrying pepper spray around or even a handgun depending on the state or country you live in, but this is not always possible so we need to consider the next best thing, hiring a security company.

Having a security presence around immediately takes the edge off of a situation, you feel more relaxed knowing if something were to happen that you had help close-by, also any offenders wouldn’t be as confident in trying something seeing and knowing there are guards around.

Security guard.

For the most part, we understand and know that a security officer is someone employed by a company or person to protect from intruders or someone trying to cause damage or harm to the person or property. A more detailed explanation can be read here but essentially it is a firmer and more rigid version of being ‘looked after.’ They usually wear a uniform that is fitted with bulletproof padding in case of an altercation and this also distinguishes them from public persons to be easily identifiable.

The plus side of hired security.

Besides not having those sleepless nights knowing that the next day you have to go to work and arrive before anyone else to complete tasks and set up for important meetings, or the heart palpitations that begin as you see the close of the day approaching and you have to walk to your car you had to park at the end of the lot because there was no space, the positives are plenty.

Let’s take a quick look at the top few reasons why companies and small businesses opted for a tighter security parameter and the features that appealed to them.

  • Deterrent. Being present is a way for vandals or thieves to think twice about their chances, your officer can prevent these events from ever beginning, and in the unlikely situation, it does occur they can be first on the scene and catch any suspicious characters trying to get away.
  • Mental. Believe it or not, when we feel uneasy or unsafe we are never truly focused on the job at hand. If staff and employees know they have that added level of protection the work environment feels more relaxed, work production is more effective and the morale won’t be tense.
  • Experience. This goes without saying that they have the expertise and professionalism to handle a situation when it presents itself, they are trained, highly qualified in physical combat if need be, and how to use weaponry as a last resort. 

The list is endless of reasons people have to offer, some more important or relevant than others, see this link to hear what they have to say but at the end of the day, the main objective and common factor everyone has is to want to feel safe. Life is too short to be walking around on constant high alert and scared. 

  • Response. We have all had those customers who tend to get aggressive or out of hand after one too many beers, or perhaps they feel they have been unfairly treated regarding policies or a product they want to return and things can quickly turn nasty. Waiting for the local police to arrive may be too late, with an officer on constant stand-by they can be on the scene within minutes to assist and de-escalate the problem. 

Choosing the right company.

No matter what industry you are looking to hire in this part of the process can be overwhelming, knowing who to trust, who is the best, and if you are making the right decision. There are a few features to look out for and to consider that you can build your choices on to get you started, and once you have narrowed it down to a few you can make a calculated choice.

Research, ask around, and even look online for comments and reviews about the companies, are they well known, do they have a sought-after reputation, and do people or other customers speak highly of them.

You ideally want a company that has been in the industry for more than 10-years, that they have the experience and have seen and dealt with all situations possible, and come up with a suitable solution for them. 

Companies such as Imperial Security Group that understand that customer needs and concerns come first, could be the answer you have been looking for to protect your business. You want to feel confident in the protection you receive and that your employees are and feel safe at all times. 

Other factors such as finding out if the security staff is trained and qualified physically as well as mentally can play a large role in their efficiency, are these certifications up to date, and are they well equipped with the knowledge of the latest tools and equipment.

Finally, browsing over the website of the firm do they proudly state the services they offer, implementations they instill and do their work ethics coincide with your business values? If something is unclear it should raise a red flag, you want your protection clear and concise and that everyone knows what is going on at all times.


Besides asking all staff to take a self-defense class (some quick tips here  on that too) the safety aspect of any work environment is important. Think about the needs and requirements that would best represent employee values and shows that you want them to enjoy coming to work and not feeling like they are in any immediate threat. 

While some events are unforeseeable the main fact is that you have put a system in place.

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