Best Foods to Slow Down the Aging Process


Aging is a natural and an inevitable process. Although, we can’t reverse the process as a whole, but we can definitely slow it down by eating a healthy and balanced diet. The role of a well balanced diet in determining the way our body responds as we grow older cannot be ignored. Aging  brings wrinkles, dullness, saggy skin, paleness, etc. So, get ready to fight these signs by eating some of the best foods to get back that lost charm and look younger than your real age.

We have come up with a list of foods to slow down the aging process naturally, check it out.


We consume this red fruit often, but do you know about its myriad benefits? Yes, there are a plenty. “Lycopene” a strong anti-oxidant in them helps to promote melanin in our body which acts as a powerful weapon against aging and protects us from UVA rays. Adding tomatoes to the daily routine will help us look younger, healthy and radiant.


This is a root vegetable highly rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A and numerous minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.  Vitamin A in carrots prevent premature wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation and skin blemishes. A sweet way to fight the aging process.


Spinach is a vegetable highly rich in fibre and vitamins like A, K, E and C. Vitamin E and C being very powerful antioxidants for anti-aging is one of the reasons why most skin care anti-aging products contain vitamin E  including Lifecell all in one anti aging treatment. So consuming spinach is the best remedy to fight aging.


Our body produces free radicals that can damage the skin and give birth to premature aging. Oranges contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties capable of  curbing free radicals in our body and slow down the aging process. Also keeps the skin hydrated and makes it look young and flawless.


People avoid garlic because of its strong smell and pungent taste, but it has extraordinary properties in it, especially raw garlic, which has sulphur and allicin, an anti-oxidant in it. The latter helps prevent signs of aging and fine lines on your skin. So, it’s not wrong to call garlic, “A Magical Pod”.


A handful of almonds can reduce the effect of aging. Vitamin E an anti-oxidant in it helps to promote collagen in our skin and fight skin aging and revive moisture. Now, you have the solution of aging in your pocket. Grab it! And have a supple and soft skin.

7Dark Chocolates

We all know women love chocolates but dark chocolates taste bitter. That’s why they don’t prefer eating them. Dark chocolate has high amount of cocoa and flavonoids in it that can help skin maintain its youthfulness and remain wrinkle free. Remember, one bite of dark chocolate a day can give you a smoother looking skin.


It is highly rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D, good for strengthening bones. Yogurt has healthy probiotic microorganisms in it which help to eliminate free radicals responsible for causing early signs of aging. Consequently, it hydrates skin and uphold skin moisture, making wrinkles less visible.


We use turmeric as an antiseptic as it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in it that reduces the aging effect. Adding a pinch of it to your food  or putting it in the face mask helps immensely.


Walnut is a delicious ingredient – contains fibers, proteins and vitamin E besides many other healthy properties  in it. A mineral, copper in it helps in the production of melanin that detoxifies the skin and makes it look supple and soft. It helps us in reducing the diabetes risk, improves memory and sleep quality, slow down the cancer, and boost the immune system.


Onion has quercetin, the most powerful anti-oxidant that prevents heart diseases, cancer and cholesterol level. It  also keeps our skin wrinkle free, smooth and supple. Other vitamins like A, C and E protect the skin from UVA rays causing premature aging.


An apple a day also keeps wrinkles away! They are a part of our daily routine and have numerous vitamins and minerals. Polyphenol an anti-oxidant in them helps to fight free radicals that cause wrinkles and  eventually gives you a healthier, flawless looking skin.


This blue sapphire looking fruit also contains some gem like magical qualities. Anthocyanin, an anti-inflammatory oxidant in it reduces inflammation caused by free radicals in the body. Blueberries, also slow down the aging effects and extend the life span.

Get back your youth, feel young and live young by eating the best foods. Our work is done. Now it’s your turn to choose among these foods to add it to your diet plan and have a younger and healthy looking skin.

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Best Foods to Slow Down the Aging Process
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