Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops

Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops

You may wonder what’s the best computer for day trading stocks. Usually, when you go online and run a quick search for “day trading computer”, you’d get tons of results. Various retailers offer a wide array of laptops and computers. Moreover, they come with different prices and configurations. Perhaps, the aspect of comparing specs is the most confusing part for every beginner. The abundance of choices can be quite overwhelming. Hopefully, the breakdown will shed a little light on which are the Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops.

Are Trading Computers Different Than Standard Systems?

Firstly, it’s essential to clear all misconceptions about trading computers. Some people tend to alienate the term as misleading and hype. Generally, we’re talking about standard systems. What makes them stand out from the crowd is their exceptional system specifications. Moreover, most models can support multiple monitors – a signature spec for trading computers. Therefore, such systems are very suitable for load-bearing multi-tasking operations of day trading stocks.

Requirements of Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops:

Powerful CPUs in Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops

In general, the processor is the brain of the computer. Many companies offer high-end CPU configurations starting from Core i5 Intel processors and going up with some of the best products on the hardware market. In both charts, the Intel i7-10750H and Intel Core i7-9700K are more than enough. They can easily power even the most demanding trading platform. Just make sure you choose a solid piece because processors are not an upgradeable component.

Standard RAM Specs

The memory can often cause unwanted trouble, especially when multi-tasking. For example, 16 GB of RAM is enough to run most four-monitor setups. Additionally, you can upgrade your standalone machine to up to 64 GB. Still, a 32 GB may perform way beyond your expectations.

Monitors Supported and Graphics Cards

Perhaps, this category shows a little difference in the Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops configurations. Even though many retailers have similar specs, Trading Computers provides relatively better options. Arguably, the F-37G can support an entire quadruple of screens more than its counterpart. Moreover, the NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti delivers significantly better performance than its GTX 1650 predecessor. It stands at 107,974 user benchmarks and boasts a massive 81% faster speed.

Storage Drives of Best Day Trading Computers and Laptops

Furthermore, the best day trading computer and laptop must have a decent storage drive. Generally, 250 GB may be more than enough for day trading stocks. The only time you can run out of space is if you save lots of high-resolution videos and pictures. If that’s your case, you can top up your hard drive to the whopping 2 TB. Trading Computers offer an additional 4 TB extra storage plus Paragon Backup Software for the price of $193.

Warranty Periods

Trading Computers offer clients to customize their warranty plans. For example, you can choose to reduce your warranty period and subtract a small amount from the total sum.

The Final Verdict

All in all, both companies offer pretty similar prices for nearly identical setups. However, there’s a clear difference in terms of versatility. Trading Computers have done their homework as they provide thoroughly customizable offers for day trading stocks. If you’re in search of the best trading setup, Trading Computers is the best place to get you started.


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