Best Countries in the World – Top Ten List


Do you ever wonder where the happiest people in the world reside? Which is the best place to live or work? If you have all of these questions running through your mind then read on. Here we have prepared a list of best countries to live in the world on the basis of landmark surveys and genuine reports from reliable sources across the world.

There you go below is the list of top ten best countries in the world:

11United States Of America:

The United States is regarded as one of the best countries in the world to live and work in. The country is the world’s best organizer in terms of economic and military activities, its cultural imprints are witnessed worldwide.

The country’s most significant exports are computers and vehicles, electrical machinery, food, chemical products and military equipment. The U.S. also has the advantage of having the world’s largest coal reserves.

The country is home to some of the top universities of the world including Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale’s university.


Qatar is also regarded as of the best countries in the world. It has attained the rights of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, thus, becoming the first Middle East country to host the tournament.

It stands as an remarkably proud country were the citizens are imposed with the lowest tax rates, because of which it is crowned with the distinction of having an unemployment rate of as less as  0.1% in June 2013, as well as lowest illiteracy rates in the Arabic state.

Qatar’s culture is remarkable, besides being one of the best countries in the world to live Qatar is also regarded as the richest country in the world.


The reason why Switzerland is listed in the best countries in the world is because it provides with greta quality of living, reliability, safety and wellness, wealth & health to all its citizens.

It is renowned for its tranquility, safety, punctuality as well as reliability and so the people of Switzerland have renovated their cities into unbelievable, modern and outstanding societies in very less time.

Switzerland is one of the most modern and dynamic tourism-offering nations in the world. It is also a safe place for investing activities as political stability and long term monetary security have approved its economic state.

The country is well known for its World famous Watch brands (Rolex, Rado, Omega and Tag Heuer,). Another famous aspect in which they overrule other countries is the quality of chocolates and cheese they produce.


Luxembourg stands defined as one of the wealthiest countries in the world; however it is not the only reason for which it has secured the title of a best country in the world 2015.

Even though it is one of the smallest countries, it has the highest GDP in the world.

Luxembourg has many beautiful places like Red Rock Skate Park Vianden Castle and Utterfly Garden which attracts millions of tourists round the globe every year. Thus, it boosts the economy of the nation.

It does not have its own navy as it is guarded by France in the South, North East Germany in the East and Belgium in the West. Also, Skype, the video call and internet free call software, has it’s headquarter based in Luxembourg.

Here are some of the mind blowing facts about Luxemborg.


Australia is blessed with innumerable natural blessings like Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island etc. A few of the tourist attractions in Australia are the amazingly beautiful 19 World Heritage sites, Blue Mountains Ranges, it is also a home for wild animals including – penguins and sea lions.

The main source of social security relief for elderly or aged people is the wife’s pension, partner allowance, aged pension and mature age allowance.

It is huge and consists of beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife and many popular tourist attractions. The people are very calm and friendly, and the crime rate is low.

Australia is rich in minerals, and the governing authority is fair many races and backgrounds reside in Australia, including Native Aboriginals, Europeans, Asians and Americans.

It has an impressive health system, and education is the top priority. Wide range of sports is available for children to get involved in and many jobs for the adults and graduating students are easily available.

For the above reasons and more Australia has bagged a place in best countries to live in the world ranking 2015.


Norwegians are usually spruce and chic people. They are often known as the best party-goers in the whole world, specially young people.

Shipping is considered as the greatest support system for Norway’s export zone, but Norway’s astonishing economic growth has been boosted by its natural resources, which includes – production, fisheries, petroleum exploration and hydroelectric power.

Norway’s oil manufacturing (in tons) and its strong socialist system aids to the wealth of every citizen here. Almost every citizen of Norway seems to have his or her own means of transportation.

Its admirable nature is well constituted for de-stressing purposes. Whether it is a forest, park or mountains and hills, just take a walk around and you will know how it feels like when you relax beside Mother Nature.

The Laerdal road tunnel has been tagged as the longest tunnel in the world (24.5 kilometers or 15.2 miles). Its two fjords are world-famous (the Nærøyfjord and the Geirangerfjord) they are also featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of the biggest attractions of Norway that you can enjoy is 24 hours of Sunlight during the summer.


Sweden’s most favorable feature is that it is an ideal country for bringing up children.

The government of Sweden provides complete childcare capped by the state at around 1,300 kronor or we can say $150 a month for the first child and generous parental leave of 16 months for mums and dads to decide between themselves, Sweden is often portrayed as a family paradise.

It’s one of the best countries to live in and is a great place for nature lovers. Its blue waters, green forests and Sweden’s rolling hills make it the best country for green living.

Sweden has a global reputation for promoting progressive causes and social justice both within and outside its premises.


Finland is considered as one of the best countries in the world as it is a highly industrialized country. Finland is greatly admired for its manufacturing industries trade practices.

In fact, it is one of the leading manufacturers of metals and chemicals, equipment, electronics and machinery.

Finland offers great educational system. The educational rate in Finland is 100%.

90 days of maternity leave for mothers is offered in Finland. It is a nation with lower infant death rates.

It is also known for its population drinking large amount of coffee. It is hard to believe but there is a village in Finland that has a post office where millions of letters are received and Santa’s Helpers reply to all the concerned people.


Canada is ranked comparatively well in the fields of entrepreneurship, citizenship and for open business categories.

Canada is an advanced industrial society with a high standard of living. As The country’s tourism industry has been improvising every preceding year.

Canada has been ranked the highest for its unique old age pension programs and health care system. In fact, this country is said to be the 5th best country to see yourself grow old.

Canada is considered as one of the best countries to reside because of its exceptional factors like lower murder rates, high rate of life satisfaction  and wide cultural diversity acceptance.


Research and development constitute a major role in the economy. The Nobel Prize in science category has been exclusively won by a majority of Germany’s scientists.

Mainly chemistry, physiology and physics gave Germany a perfect rating of 10 for entrepreneurship which included factors like well-developed legal framework, infrastructure, and technology expertise and an educated population and ranked it very high for quality of life.

Germany has been scoring well for its strength of its labor forces, perceived power and human rights.

Oktoberfest is amongst some of the world famous events in Germany wherein people gather to enjoy beer, food and German culture.

Germany is highly recognized for its delicious cuisines making it one of the best countries in the world to live. It is a place, where people enjoy both wine and beer with their food.

The evolution of the homeopathic treatment took place in Germany, it is an excellent source of treatment for those people who demand a treatment with long lasting results and with no-side effects.

Best Countries in the World – Top Ten List
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