The Best Chest Exercises For Men: For A Bigger Chest

It’s time to forget that one size fits all approach for chest workouts. Regardless of your training experience here are few verified routines that can help you add size; they say all roads lead to Rome, however some roads make it in less than half the time, the reason is that they were meant to get you to Rome.

Similarly, the traditional everything but-the-kitchen-sink chest workout might enhance your pec size eventually, but there’s a better way to achieve it and that is to commit to a chest specialization routine designed to achieve your specific goals.

Best Chest Exercises For Men

Given Below are few chest workouts each being with a different focus. Pick one and use it as your chest day for the next four to eight weeks and then, go back to what you’re habitual to or even better, switch to one of the others. If bigger pecs were on your to-do list, consider yourself now on the right track.

PS: These workout charts do not contain warm-up sets. Practice as many as you can, but never ignore your warm-ups sessions.

Here’s a list of best chest exercises for men:

Starting Out Right:

Best Chest Exercises For Men

For initiators, understanding and practicing the movement patterns and repeating them are a crucial part of their workout sessions, until they step to the second level. Lifting heavy weights isn’t always a part of the formula, especially at the inception.

This workout is largely based on machines, which allows for a more controlled weight training procedures. After you get the rhythm of the movements, practice its free weight counterpart, which would be initially a challenge for making coordination, but these techniques really does serves as a smart choice in the long run for building a muscular physique.

You have to choose a weight at which you reach almost a muscle failure, but don’t worry about the failure except where noted.

The first two movements are to be done in a pyramid-style. After each and every set keep on increasing the weight and perform fewer reps.

Best chest exercises for men No.1 # Reverse Grip Bench Press:

Best Chest Exercises For Men Reverse Grip Bench Press

This is a rare technique, but a really effective one. You have to lie on a bench with your chest facing upwards, shoulders are to be squeezed together, and place your feet flat on the ground.

Grab a barbell slightly wider than your shoulder’s-width apart while your palms facing towards you.

 Start by lowering the weight and touching the bar to your sternum and lift the bar up. Lift through your heels, as well, but keep your glutes on the bench.

Do not move your elbows away from your body (about a 45 degree angle while looking overhead), deeply in our palm hold the barbell, and hold your chest during the entire session.

On the bench press make your palm facing you instead of facing them away from your face. This would induce a lot of pressure on your shoulders which is great for people experiencing pain, during the session of hammering your chest and triceps.

It can make you feel weird at your first attempt, but keep the weights light and you’ll be able to conquer this rare technique.

Best chest exercises for men No.2 # Reps:

Best Chest Exercises For Men Reps

This technique is a really challenging one and can also make you struggle by your guts. But this is a really effective technique that would give your imagination a reality stand. Position yourself in a pushup stance by lowering your body until your chest is just an inch above the floor.

Gather your strength and explosively force yourself up so that your hands leave the floor and your body rises in the air. Immediately Clap your hands in midair, and catch yourself carefully on your way down.

Remember to be really cautious while practicing this technique as this can cause serious injuries to your wrists.

Use the momentum to switch to the next rep.

Best chest exercises for men No.3 # Floor press:

Best Chest Exercises For Men Floor press

The range of motion of a normal bench press is reduced by the floor press technique. It helps to get the chest work without the stress on your shoulders and makes it possible for you to use more weight for more muscle building procedures.

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and reiterate a dumbbell bench press.

Carefully keep dumbbells directly over your elbows throughout and keep your glutes stuck to the ground.

Best chest exercises for men No.4 # Pushups:

Best Chest Exercises For Men Pushups

The traditional pushups are the best chest exercise ever. You can push hundreds of kilos like pro football players While loading the bench press pushups builds size and function and strength, It not only builds your pecs, however it also stabilizes and strengthens your shoulder as well as your grip.

Don’t forget, for your core, you need to do pushups it does not matter even if you bench 140kg or even more.

Get yourself on a weighted vest, place your feet on a box, put on some weight plates on your back, or laying some chains will also work if it’s not hard enough.

Trust me; all that extra weight will do miracles.

Get ready in a pushup position with your hands being shoulder width apart. Don’t let your hips sag while keeping your lower back flat and then lower yourself.

Remember the moment to start descending keep your elbows close to your body.

Best chest exercises for men No.5 # Dumbbell bench press:

Best Chest Exercises For Men Dumbbell bench press

One of the most popular means of chest exercises is the dumbbell bench press as it also fixes asymmetries and develops upper body stability.

We have to elevate its level by alternating arms to raise your time-under-tension for a better muscle growth.

Lie on a bench while your chest facing upwards up, shoulders are to be squeezed together, and lay your feet flat on the ground.

Start With both weights over your body by gradually lowering only one arm and then raise that dumbbell upward. This procedure is to be repeated on the other side as well.

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