10 Benefits of Strawberries You Weren’t Aware of!

Fruits are the gift of nature and while we only use them to decorate our salads or add flavor to our desserts, the underlining fact is, they have many more added advantages.

Today’s fruit is the yummy sweet and sour strawberry. Whether the strawberries are fresh or frozen or are in the form of a puree, no one can deny that these red berries are the queen of tastiness.

Benefits of Strawberries

If strawberries are your favorite too, read on to learn about the lesser known amazing health benefits of strawberries and how they can aid to our overall fitness.

Natural Antioxidants

Did you know strawberries are full of antioxidants? Whereas we settle for unnatural antioxidant remedies such as supplements, pills and drinks, the point is, we can find antioxidants effortlessly in nature.

Benefits of Strawberries
As strawberries are known to be full of vitamin C, they are great at flushing out toxins from the body. Vitamin C can protect us from all sorts of fundamental damage. Flavonoids and elagic acid are also added antioxidants found in strawberries.

Ideal for Eyes

Strawberries are the best fruit for our eye care. While they can help keep our eyes hydrated and protect them from drying out, they are also great when it comes to curing eye infections, deterioration of optic nerves and other vision related problems.

Benefits of Strawberries
Strawberries can also help maintain the ideal ocular pressure within the eyes due the active ingredient, potassium.

Strengthening Immune System

Are you someone who has a weak immune system? Simply pop some strawberries in your mouth and wave the common colds and common allergies goodbye. Since strawberries are full of vitamin c, they can aid in building a stronger immune system and act as a shield against viruses and bacteria of all sorts. As vitamin C enhances the activity of white blood cells (body’s defense against foreign germs), the person eating strawberries can enjoy a healthy life without falling sick often.

Benefits of Strawberries

High Blood Pressure Cure

Many people fall prey to high blood pressure due to various reasons. If you know someone with a high blood pressure, present them a bowl of fresh strawberries. As strawberries are full of potassium and magnesium, they can help aid in lowering the blood pressure immensely. Potassium is a natural vasodilator which refers to naturally reducing the severity of arteries and blood vessels.

Moreover, strawberries have the ability to ease the flow of blood by providing added doses of oxygen so that the blood can reach all parts of the body perfectly.

Ideal for Heart Issues

Strawberries are rich is folate, vitamin C and vitamin B which are all ideal for the strengthening the heart muscles. Strawberries can help lower cholesterol levels and improve the blood flow naturally.

Benefits of Strawberries

Fresh Skin

Strawberries are ideal for a fresh and glowing skin. While consuming them can aid in an oxygenated and a highly hydrated facial skin, strawberries can equally benefit when applied in the form of a face pack or a face mask.

Benefits of Strawberries
With the natural antioxidant abilities, strawberries can flush out dirt and toxins from the upper most layer of the skin, presenting a fresh glowing skin like never before.
Ellagic acid protects the elasticity of our skin and prevents it from sagging, especially in the chin and neck area.

Anti Inflammatory Abilities

CRP, the common abbreviation known for the inflammation of the body

( C reactive protein), can be maintained by the help of strawberries. Another active ingredient found in strawberries, Phytonutrient can help cure all sorts of bodily inflammations.

Perfect for Weight Loss

As strawberries as low in calories and rich in fiber, they are ideal for weight loss. They can be consumed in the form of salads, juices, purees and even raw. Strawberries are ideal for weight watchers as they are the spot on fruit for shedding weight.

Strengthen Bones

Believe it or not, since strawberries have vitamin K, magnesium and potassium, they are great for enhancing bone health.

Hair and Nail Health

Biotin, another active ingredient found in strawberries is ideal for our nails, hair and skin. Strawberries can hydrate our hair strands and strengthen our nails.

Now that you know strawberries are full of benefits, simply eat a handful every day and feel the difference!

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