Benefits Of Getting A Certificate IV In Plumbing


Do you think that you might want to become a plumber? Well, you will definitely need to get a Certificate IV in plumbing. Plumbing is a great career to go with for more reasons than one. You can visit  for more information about how to pursue a career in plumbing. Let’s take a look at why you might want to study plumbing and make a career out of it.

1. Many Career Paths To Go With

The cool part about getting a certificate IV in plumbing is that there are lots of career paths to go with. Yes, most will probably choose to become a good old plumber, like those people that show up to your house to fix the toilet and other such things. However, there are also other choices to consider here. Visit  to know more.

You can learn all about plumbing so you can run a plumbing operation and be in charge of a plumbing business. Maybe you want to do logistics or city planning in relation to new buildings and water services. You can be a plumber, a business leader, an entrepreneur, and so much more. Having so many choices is definitely a great benefit that comes your way.

2. Possibility Of Further Education

Related to the previous point, when you get a Certificate IV in plumbing, it does not mean that you have to become just a basic plumber. After you get this certificate, you can then choose to keep studying. Maybe you want to study business management. You could take entrepreneurial studies. Maybe you would love to go into city planning and logistics.

The point here is that many of these career fields will require a degree in plumbing, or at least good knowledge of it, but they will also require further studies. In other words, a Certificate IV in plumbing is a great stepping stone for a much bigger and brighter future down the road.

3. Great Pay & Lots Of Opportunities

One big benefit that will come your way after getting a Certificate IV in plumbing is money. No, your career choice should not be solely influenced by how much a certain job pays. However, getting good money for a job well done never hurts. Did you know that plumbers, even basic bottom tier plumbers, make close to $70,000 per year on average. That is much more than you can expect from many other jobs.

Sure, you have to spend a few months in school, but the monetary reward on a yearly basis thereafter is simply astounding. If you then choose to study further, such as to become the leader of a whole plumbing company, you stand to make double, triple, or even more than the median plumber’s income. At the same time, even for basic plumbing jobs, there is always a lot of demand and definitely no shortage of jobs.

4. You Get To Work With Your Hands

Yet another benefit that presents itself to you when you get a Certificate IV in plumbing is that you can out from behind a desk. Sure, working at a desk for a whole day, for weeks on end, is perfectly fine for some, but then, there are some people who would probably rather not work at all than work in an office.

Well, as a plumber, you will never be in the same place, you will always meet new people, and you will get to work with your hands as well. It’s a great career choice for people who want to work with their hands and always be on the move.

Getting A Certificate IV In Plumbing

As you can see, if plumbing sounds like a decent career to you, there is no reason to not look into getting your Certificate IV in plumbing as soon as you can. Plumbing is a job that never goes out of need, it pays well, it lets you work with your hands, and so much more.


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