9 Beautiful Interior Door Designs to Spruce Your Home

From bold artwork to sculptures, you can spruce up the aesthetics of your home in a myriad of ways.

When it comes to the interior doors in your home, did you know they can also bring your space a bold, new look?

Check out these nine incredible interior door designs that will bring your home the ultimate “wow” factor.

1. Try Pocket Doors to Maximize Space

Once considered a classic, pocket doors are still in vogue. Install these super-handy doors if you live in a smaller space, or use them to separate areas of the room such as the master bathroom from the bedroom.

These doors fit neatly inside the wall, allowing you to get more floor space. Install one with glass inserts to bring added light into the room.

2. Bring French Doors Inside

French doors are not just for the exterior. You can install these gorgeous interior doors to bring a light, airy look to any inside space.

Install a pair of French doors with glass panes to separate your bedroom from the main living area, or place them between the kitchen and dining room. They bring an elegant touch to your home while offering a light, bright door that still provides the separation you need between rooms.

3. Try a Barn Door for Trendy Interior Door Designs

With the farmhouse and rustic look all the rage, barn doors are taking over home interiors by storm. These heavy-duty doors use a special track that allows them to easily slide open and closed to one side.

You can paint your barn door a custom color or look for prefabricated kits. They’re a wonderful option for a pantry, bedroom, or closet and bring any space a touch of rustic flair. Barn doors are also excellent for a cool bathroom update.

4. Go Curvy with Arches

Who says doors have to be rectangular in shape? Try something a little more curvaceous and install interior doors with a stylish arched top.

Whether you choose a solid door or one with glass, the arched design brings any room a little extra savoir-faire. This style looks fabulous when separating the kitchen from the dining room, or if you want to make an impact when entering your master bedroom.

5. Bring the Outside In

If you’re trying to craft a cohesive look, try installing doors that look like they’re made for the outside. From solid wood with metal hardware to a wooden-look accented with glass, these doors are a cool way to bring your home’s architecture inside.

This new trend of interior door designs is a wonderful way to create a coordinated theme throughout the space. Paint the door to match your front door, and you’ve got a totally slick aesthetic that brings everything together.

6. Frosted Glass Lends a Modern Feel

Perfect for pantries, doors with frosted glass panels lend any room a touch of contemporary style. These doors allow you to see what’s on the other side while still retaining some privacy.

The look of frosted glass lends any room a touch of elegance, and they work well in bathrooms, too. Try one for your linen closet for a soft look that still keeps your towels and sheets nicely hidden.

Another option to try is ribbed glass, which creates a contemporary texture that functions very similarly to its frosted counterpart.

7. Make Things Ultra-Modern with Glass

If you live in a loft or have a designated office space, consider adding an interior door made of thick glass. This bold design brings sleekness to your home, and you can choose between textured, clear, or frosted glass styles.

Install the door on a barn door track for easy functionality. These doors will allow the light to filter in while giving you privacy at the same time.

8. Match a Door with the Wall For a Hidden Look

If you want to add something truly different to the interior of your home, consider a custom door that matches the walls on either side exactly. The coordinating door creates a “secret” door while giving any area of the house a seamless look.

This style is especially popular when you use it as a bathroom or master bedroom door. However, you can also create a secret door for your office, reading nook, or virtually anywhere you choose. Install it so that it’s easy to push open without the need for hardware so it maintains its low-key aesthetic.

If you’re not sure about pricing or options, you can find out more here.

9. Install Doors to Define a Space

If you have a built-in desk or shelving, consider adding a door to it so that it clearly defines the purpose of that space. Not only will this look appealing, but it also keeps clutter neatly hidden until you’re ready to use that area.

Install these doors in front of a built-in area for your living room so books and other media area organized and out of sight. Or, add them to a special area where your home already has a built-in desk so you can access this area only when you need it.

The Possibilities for Interior Doors are Endless

When it comes to interior door designs, the sky is truly the limit. From a classic abode to a modern condominium, you can add a wide assortment of unique door styles to your home.

Look for trendy barn doors, or install French doors to give your space a defined yet airy appearance.

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